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Forrest Shearer / International Team


Home ZoneWasatch, Utah
SponsorsBlack Diamond, Bluebird, Clif Bar, Elemental Herbs, Guayaki, Karakoram, Patagonia, POC, Sambazon, Sanuk, Tiny Empire
2014 Season Highlight Last season accumulated to multiple trips on the road for me. Utah suffered from a case of the high pressure doldrums so it was time to explore. I set out in search of deep snow pack and good crews to ride with. Spent the majority of my year riding up in Jackson. Consistent snow fall hammered the Tetons allowing for incredible riding around the resort and side country. Met up with Jeremy and got to paddle out on the new Jones Powder Surfers and had some great days riding with Bryan Iguchi and crew. Traveled to the Dolomites in the spring. They'd received record snowfall during the winter. I'm blown away by the amount of terrain to ride there. Most of the lines look unrideable at first but you have to hike and see for yourself, than you find the perfect line. Had a good time filming and shooting there with a stacked Jones crew Ryland, Bibi, Mitch, and myself. We searched out good conditions where we could find them and paying dues with not so good conditions until the end of our trip where we were rewarded with a couple fun days riding pow. Those moments stood out most. Sometimes all you need are a couple good turns, an accomplished line, or memories of a rad day. Favorite Jones Boards The Carbon Solution 61 is my go to board. It’s easily adaptable to any terrain and I rode it on heavy lines in Utah and in Italy last winter. The Aviator 61 is my favorite solid board in the Jones line. The Aviator is super high speed and responsive with a snappy flex and an insane shape. I took the Aviator all around the world this year and it handled everything - Utah, Europe, Chile, New Zealand. I also rode the Ultracraft in Utah and the PNW. The Ultracraft is the future. If I'm doing a big tour day and weight is an issue, I'm taking the Ultracraft. Why do you snowboard? For the freedom of it. It’s all about the moment when you combine your own energy and the energy of whatever it is your snowboarding - riding your home resort, the park, or the backcountry. When you’re in that moment nothing else matters. I also enjoy how snowboarding brings me into the mountains and tunes me into the natural environment around me. What do you look for in a line when your analyzing shredability vs danger? When analyzing any line I have a strategy in mind for terrain selection, snowpack and sluff management. First off, I make sure the line goes and ideally there's minimal exposure. Are there going to be any hidden dragons lurking (potential spots where a slab could be set off) or sharks (sharp rocks or peppers underneath the snow)? Having solid beta on a zone I plan on riding and digging pits tell me a lot about avalanche safety and snow conditions. You also have to have a sluff management plan. Think about where your going to ride from right to left or left to right to avoid your sluff. If something does go wrong while I'm riding a line I have escape routes or an island of safety where I can pull out. The more dangerous or complex the line is, the more dynamic my plan needs to be.
What does your dream line look like? My dream line would be sick face with good snow and a stable snow pack there would be a couple deep surf slash pow turns up top into a rad spine line with maybe a cliff air after it then there would be a good natural tranny to hit with a good landing to go as big as you want then maybe a fun highspeed run out to go fast on. I would get to the bottom and watch my friends shred it too. What is one lesson every beginner splitboarder should know? Take an avalanche course. Be friendly. Most skiers think snowboarders are reckless but actually were nice people. And lastly, have an open mind. When the mountains speak; listen. What ranges or lines are on your radar for the upcoming season? Man, the worlds your oyster. Right? I don't know the list keeps growing in terms of mountain ranges and lines to ride. I never get to spend enough time in the Sierras. Would love to be able to explore that range more. Montana is on my hit list. Theres such a rad vibe up there. Dream trips would be to Afghanistan, Himalayas, and China. Theres a lot of mountain ranges out there you know? As far as lines go would be amazing to revisit some of the runs that early big mountain snowboarders rode up in Alaska. To pay tribute to those guys. That would be sick. Theres still lines in the Chuting Gallery that I'd like to tick off also. Looking forward to a busy year.