Miikka Hast blasts through blower pow in Niigata, Japan.

Credits: Miikka Hast

Miikka Hast / International Team


Home ZoneScandinavian Alps
SponsorsDr. Zipe, Protest, Asenne Surf
2013 Season Highlights Season highlight was spending the spring season in Northern Norway - Tamok and Lyngen. Between the long days and great snow conditions we scored first ascent/descents like the Pötsi couloir. Favorite Jones Boards I mostly ride the Solution 61 and Flagship 61 because they are great for all-terrain and conditions. If I know the conditions will be special, like in Japan, I ride the Hovercraft Split 56 and for more freestyle terrain I use the Mountain Twin 57. The Hovercraft is the best in deep pow and for pillow bouncing! Why do you love to backcountry snowboard? I love to explore and I love fresh snow. Every line and zone are different so you always get a new perspective on snowboarding wherever you go in the backcountry. If you only got one pow day for the entire next winter, where would you ride? If I have to choose one spot... I would probably pick a small secret resort in the Alps. I have golden memories of bottomless days in Italy where we were lapping up the pow via chairlift with friends for eight hours straight!
What's your dream line look like? A concave face filled with features that ends in a forest filled with pillows and gullies. What is one lesson every beginner splitboarder should know? Don't just follow tracks! It's much more rewarding and insightful to figure out your own way. You have to have a plan when you go into the backcountry, be prepared and know the conditions. It can be dangerous to follow other people’s tracks blindly so draw your own lines and remember to stay alert. What video projects will you appear in this season and what mountain ranges or lines are on your radar? I am filming for Antti Autti’s “Approach & Attack” project. It's a two year project that will come out fall 2014 - http://www.anttisworld.com/category/approach-attack/ I will also be doing a webisode series for www.storiesfromheretothere.com and stories for my own website a - www.splitlines.com. Northern Norway is definitely on the to-do-list again. I want to try to ride a proper line in good conditions and surf close by on the same day. Niigata area in Japan is also on the schedule and the Selkirks in B.C. Dreams of AK are always there too.