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Mitch Toelderer shredding above the clouds in the Italian Dolomites.

Credits: Bibi Pekarek

Mitch Toelderer / Freeride Collective


Home ZoneAustrian Alps
SponsorsO’Neill, POC
2013 Season Highlight Climbing and riding the Praxmarerkarspitze, a remote peak in my home range in Austria. Favorite Jones Boards I ride the Carbon Flagship 64 and the Carbon Solution 64. These are the boards you can charge the hardest with. Why do you snowboard? I snowboard because I love the feeling and the sensation of riding powder. It also gives me magical moments out in nature, keeps me in balance, brings me adventure, and of course, challenges me. If you only got one pow day for the entire next winter, where would you ride? For sure in my home resort of Nordkette, that’s why I live here and it’s the best feeling to share it with my friends and have a beer afterwards.
What does your dream line look like? OK, when I close my eyes here’s what I see: Deep, steep and stable rebound powder, no rollovers but lots of spines to ride. After the spines the run goes into a nice windlip to slash then a few more big fast turns into a good takeoff for a solid cliff. Then another three big turns a little out of the sluffline followed by a fun double-drop. The run finishes with some nice rollers, at least one on my toeside and another on my heelside... How do you train for snowboarding? Beside all the other sports I do like surfing, mountain biking, and climbing, I developed my own training program for snowboarding over the last few years. The focus is on physical and mental skills you need to ride strong. I do a lot of balance exercises and functional movements in my training to gain strength that I can really use when riding. You can find out more about my training program at What is one lesson every beginner splitboarder should know? Take your time and don't expect the board to do all the work climbing up for you :-) What mountain ranges or lines are on your radar for this season? My list of lines and peaks that I want to ride is always growing. I definitely have some plans in the Karwendel mountain range, just so much to do there if its on...