Ralph Backstrom blows up a bottom turn riding in the French Alps.

Photo: Ralph Backstrom

Ralph Backstrom / International Team


Home ZoneSierra
SponsorsBig Truck, GoPro, North Face, Smith Optics and Helmets, Squaw Valley
2013 Season Highlight Tough to say... Winning the a couple of the FWT comps and the overall title was a highlight, as was summiting Denali. Favorite Jones Boards I ride the Carbon Solution 164 and the Carbon Flagship 164. Those things are stiff, and I know I can count on them riding big terrain. Why do you snowboard? To be outdoors, to go fast, to surf pow, to send airs, to get exercise, and because it's fun. If you only got one pow day for the entire next winter, where would you ride? That's a sad thought... I'd like to go to Japan, because I've never been there before.
What is one lesson every beginner splitboarder should know?
 Go at your own pace. It shouldn't be a race, and there's no need to make any rushed, unsafe decisions. What's your dream line look like? Pow turns into spines, into some decent sized airs with steep landings, into some pillows, and a few wind lips mixed in in-between. What video projects will you appear in this season and what mountain ranges or lines are on your radar? I'll be in GO Boardin' and Sweetgrass' Valhalla. Next season I'll be doing the FWT again, then I have a couple zones on the radar. AK of course.