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Every board in the Jones quiver is a unique high-performance design that attacks the mountain in it’s own way. All shred equally hard, but no two models ride the same. Our 2015/16 line-up is more complete than ever before. Backcountry or resort, snow surfing or straight lining, we make boards for any terrain and every riding style.

Carbon Flagship


Ultra Aviator


Ultra Mountain Twin

Mountain Twin




Storm Chaser

Mountain Surfer



Jeremy Jones’ quest to build splitboards that perform equally well as solid boards was one of the founding goals of Jones Snowboards. All of our splitboard models meet that challenge and by sharing the same designs between solid and split, we also offer the rare opportunity to master riding one board shape in bounds or out.

Carbon Solution


Aviator Split

Explorer Split

Ultracraft Split

Hovercraft Split

Discovery Split


Women are setting backcountry bootpacks and charging radical lines more than ever before. Jones Snowboards is lock step with this female freeride revolution as we offer a stacked line-up of women’s specific boards that are built to shred every bit as hard as our men’s models. The dimensions and flex specs of the women’s series are simply customized for lighter and smaller riders using the same bomber materials and cutting edge construction.

Women’s Solution

Women’s Flagship

Twin Sister

Women’s Hovercraft


Jones skins are made in Switzerland by one of the most innovative and trusted skin manufacturers in the world - POMOCA. For the last 40 years POMOCA has produced industry leading skins for high altitude ski mountaineering and randonee racing. In partnership with POMOCA, the Jones climbing skin line now includes both universal and premium models both of which are available in pre-cut sizes or a trim-to-fit size.

Premium Skins

Universal Skins


Your backpack is the critical link to the gear that keeps you safe, warm and stoked in the backcountry. Jones backpacks are designed to be the ultimate backcountry snowboarding packs with features and pockets that are proven to work perfectly for avalanche safety and splitboarding gear. For 2015/16, we’ve made improvements to the Deeper, Further, Higher packs and also debut the new ultralight, yet feature rich Minimalist pack.

Minimalist 35L & 45L

Higher 30L R.A.S.

Higher 30L

Further 24L

Deeper 18L


After careful consideration, we have chosen to produce our apparel at a textile factory in Turkey. The family-owned factory we work with is a veteran organic textile manufacturer and is certified to produce garments that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Blended Content Standard (OCS). Turkish cotton is some of the finest in the world and the availability of locally made materials helps further minimize the environmental footprint of our apparel. All Jones softgoods are made of either 100% organic cotton or a 50% organic cotton / 50% recycled polyester blend.





Mountain Twin



Women’s Tee

Aviator Longsleeve

Aviator Crew Hoody

Premium Hoody

Basic Hoody

Premium Hoody Zip

Basic Hoody Zip


Basic cap

Premium Cap

Shangri-La Trucker

Mountain Twin Trucker

Basic Beanie

Team Beanie

Shangri-La Beanie

Mountain Twin Neckwarmer

Aviator Neckwarmer

Premium Neckwarmer

Spines Neckwarmer