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by Seth Lightcap. posted on April 2014

Glorious powder snow fell from the sky all over the world in the month of March. Our team was there, hungry mouths wide open, ready to lap it up...

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Canada got pounded by storms in March. Andrew Hardingham caught this wicked selfie shredding in the Kootenays.

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Here’s another one of Hardingham ripping a rowdy line in Golden, BC

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Claudia Avon has been getting after it in the Whistler Backcountry. Kale Stephens snapped this shot of Claudia throttling a lovely spine line.

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Even the east coast of Canada got hammered. Here’s a rad zone in Quebec that got slayed on a splitboard by Fabrice Tremblay. Photo - CDG

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The Alps got hit with a solid storm in the beginning of the month, then suffered through a nasty warm-up for a couple weeks. Liz Daley found blower pow in Chamonix after the first set of storms. Photo - @MarqDiamond

Mitch Toelderer, Bibi Pekarek, Ryland Bell and Forrest Shearer went on a powder hunt to the Italian Dolomites mid-month. Mitch snapped this sick sunset shot of the crew setting up camp on an overnight mission.

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To no surprise, the crew found a few faceshots in Italy. Here’s Forrest gettin his, as Ryland gets the shot.

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Rob Kingwill jumped the pond over to Japan in March. As usual, the Japanese Alps delivered the goods...JA’POW!

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Hokkaido powder playground. Photo - Rob Kingwill

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Wyoming definitely takes the ’Powder Country’ title for 2014. Jackson Hole continued to get crushed all month. Photo - Alex Yoder

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Teton Tube. Photo - Alex Yoder

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To make matters even better for Teton shredders, the new snow stabilized fairly well. Big lines have been in play. Iris Lazz laid tracks in the Sliver Couloir with a crew. Photo - Iris Lazz

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Mark Carter toured into Mt. Moran with the TGR crew and ripped the Skillet Glacier. Photo - Mark Carter

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Frank Knab and Jimmy Goodman joined Jeremy Jones and Bryan Iguchi for a mission to Buck Mountain in the Tetons.

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What a’s to an epic April! Photo - Iris lazz