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Forrest Shearer

International Team

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Salt Lake City, Utah

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2016 Season Highlight
Definitely the genuineness and gratitude of the people I ran into on trips this year. Meeting really cool local riders from other countries always stands out to me. There's truly no boundaries, we all share a common bond which is snowboarding. Top trip this season had to be Alaska. You can never beat how unbelievable the mountains are there - so steep and shreddable.
Favorite Jones Boards
The Carbon Solution 61 is my go to board. It’s easily adaptable to any terrain and I rode it on heavy lines in Utah and in Italy last winter. The Aviator 61 is my favorite solid board in the Jones line. The Aviator is super high speed and responsive with a snappy flex and an insane shape. I took the Aviator all around the world this year and it handled everything - Utah, Europe, Chile, New Zealand. I also rode the Ultracraft in Utah and the PNW. The Ultracraft is the future. If I'm doing a big tour day and weight is an issue, I'm taking the Ultracraft.
Why do you snowboard?
For the freedom of it. It’s all about the moment when you combine your own energy and the energy of whatever it is your snowboarding - riding your home resort, the park, or the backcountry. When you’re in that moment nothing else matters. I also enjoy how snowboarding brings me into the mountains and tunes me into the natural environment around me.
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
Snowboard shapes are really keeping me stoked to ride everyday. No matter what conditions are like you can find a totally different feeling with each board. Eskimos have so many different words for snow. With a snowboard there's so many ways it can be ridden.
What does your dream line look like?
My dream line would be sick face with good snow and a stable snow pack there would be a couple deep surf slash pow turns up top into a rad spine line with maybe a cliff air after it then there would be a good natural tranny to hit with a good landing to go as big as you want then maybe a fun highspeed run out to go fast on. I would get to the bottom and watch my friends shred it too.
What's one lesson or reminder you learned in the backcountry recently?
Avalanches can happen anywhere, even in bounds areas. Study the terrain, get an understanding for the snow pack, and have a plan. Don't let your guard down. Always a good reminder to have your red flags and mental check list to go back to if you don't feel right about a line or backcountry route. Lastly enjoy snowboarding. No complaining allowed.
Shred goals for 2016?
Live slower, eat slower, turn my snowboard more, stretch more, and ride everyday. Manifest the trips I still want to take to destinations I've never been. If you imagine it, it's possible.

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