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Miikka Hast

International Team

Home Town

Rovaniemi, Finland

Home Mountain

Scandinavian Alps




2016 Season Highlights
Highlight of my season was a February day in Senja, Norway. Senja is a rugged island on the northern coast of Norway known for it's challenging weather. I had been looking at a stunning couloir there for years waiting for the right conditions. When we woke up that morning the couloir was still in complete whiteout but suddenly the sky opened just enough for us to get it in amazing conditions. It felt like the mountain unlocked its’ gates for a short moment just for us. After we rode down the clouds rolled in again. There is also good surf right around the corner and I tried to catch a few waves the next morning but a nasty storm swell rose up the very minute I paddled out and pushed me back to the shore. The gates were locked again.
Favorite Jones Boards
I mostly ride the Solution 61 and Flagship 61 because they are great for all-terrain and conditions. If I know the conditions will be special, like in Japan, I ride the Hovercraft Split 56 and for more freestyle terrain I use the Mountain Twin 57. The Hovercraft is the best in deep pow and for pillow bouncing!
Why do you love to backcountry snowboard?
I love to explore and I love fresh snow. Every line and zone are different so you always get a new perspective on snowboarding wherever you go in the backcountry.
What's one lesson or reminder you learned in the backcountry recently?
I keep being reminded that you can’t force the conditions, you just have to make the best out of them. Conditions can be an obstacle or an opportunity - It is just the way you look at them. Always check the weather forecast and data as well as possible. It improves your day success changes!
What's your dream line look like?
A concave face filled with features that ends in a forest filled with pillows and gullies.
What do you look for in a line when your analyzing shreddability vs danger?
Snowpack of course and the weather, current and recent days. Are the snow conditions variable within the line? What are the safety spots and how is the outrun if something does go wrong. I try to figure out the consequences if something goes wrong and the probability for it. And of course if it's going to be a fun ride or sketchy slipping and sliding. It's a combination of assessing risks and gains.
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
Nature and conditions that are always unique on a given moment. When all things line up perfectly there is nothing better, moments to live for. And then there is the continuous search of new lines, spots and mountains - the joy of discovery.

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