Nick Russell

Home country: USA
Home town: Truckee, CA
Home mountain: Sierra Nevada Backcountry
Weight: 145 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 20in, +21° / +6°


Inspired splitboarder, explorer and climate activist + First descents in Bolivia, India and USA

About Nick

Where is your favorite place to snowboard and why?

At home in the Sierra. This range has every type of terrain I can dream of; coolies, freeride faces, cruiser tree runs and even a few illusive spine walls when the conditions line up. Storms with high precipitation rates followed by long high pressure windows create a generally stable snow structure throughout the season. The angle of the sun in this latitude gives us predictable ripe corn snow riding in the spring months which is rare for much of North America. Not to mention that the majority of the range down south is largely untapped. There is no place I'd rather live. 

What has snowboarding or the mountains taught you?

The mountains have taught me that life is a never ending pursuit. We can always learn more about safety, weather patterns and the intricacies of the mountains. We can always get stronger to push beyond the physical and mental barriers we encounter in life. 

Tell us about one incredible or influential snowboarding achievement or moment.

The Range of Mystery expedition to Northern Bolivia in 2018 was a game changer for me. This trip helped to unlock and see my potential in remote big mountain riding through trial and error. 

What are you passionate about besides snowboarding?

Justice and protection for our planet and all the humans living on Earth.

Nick's favorite gear

Hovercraft Split – 156

"If you've strapped into a Hovercraft, you know already know the feeling. This is the first Jones board I ever rode and haven't looked back since. If there is ever any doubt in what the snow conditions are, I'm riding a Hovercraft because I know it can adapt to anything. I <3 Hovercrafting!!!"


"A freestyle feel with freeride stability. I don't ride the resort much, but when I do, my feet thank me for the comfortable ride."

Nick's gear of choice