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Avalanche awareness and basic first-aid are critical skills for the backcountry rider. Start or refresh your avy and emergency rescue education here and take a course to solidify your knowledge.

5 Red Flags
The five red flags are simple visual clues that help you judge potential avalanche danger in the backcountry. Learn these observation techniques to help you make terrain decisions on tour and reinforce what you read in your local avalanche forecast. Learn More
Mental Keys
Countless backcountry accidents are caused by quick decisions and over confidence. Many accidents can be avoided by slowing down and considering the influences effecting your backcountry decision making. Learn Jeremy Jones’ "Mental Keys" checklist that he uses to make sure his head is in the right place before he travels into the backcountry. Learn More
Avalanche Rescue
Anyone who ventures out into the backcountry should have basic training in both avalanche beacon rescue and rescue shoveling. Learn the basics of avalanche rescue here and take an avalanche course to solidify your knowledge. Learn More
Safety Links
Reading your local avalanche forecast is a critical move before you venture out in the backcountry. Use these links to find your local avalanche center and get connected to quickly access your local avalanche forecast. Learn More
Mountain Safety Equipment
Shovel, Probe, R.A.S. Backpack
DSCNT R.A.S. 32L backpack
Excavator Carbon shovel
Excavator shovel
Strike 320 probe
Strike 240 probe