You want to ride dream lines? What are you waiting for? Learn to splitboard! With a split in your quiver and the proper backcountry skills a lifetime of amazing riding experiences awaits you. Finding the right partners to teach you the protocols of backcountry travel and the tricks of splitboarding can be a challenge though. It’s great to learn from experienced friends or family if you know people who are avid backcountry riders, but that’s not your only answer. With a little investment of time and budget you can also gain a solid foundation of splitboarding skills and backcountry know how in a splitboard course taught by a professional splitboard guide. There are introductory and advanced level splitboard courses offered in most major mountain ranges in the Western US and the European Alps.

This February there are a couple of especially unique splitboarding courses being offered in Lake Tahoe and Jackson Hole taught by Jones ambassadors. If you’ve ever dreamed of shredding in the Sierra or the Tetons AND you would like to learn to splitboard these courses are incredible opportunities to visit these legendary mountain ranges and learn from the best. Read on for the details about splitboard courses offered in Lake Tahoe by Alpenglow Expeditions and in the Tetons by Exum Mountain Guides.

Women’s Intro To Splitboarding Clinic In Lake Tahoe

February 15-17th, 2019

Alpenglow Expeditions’ Women’s Intro To Splitboarding clinic is designed for female snowboarders who love spending time in the mountains riding fresh snow and who want to start traveling in the backcountry. Hosted and instructed by Jones Ambassador Iris Lazzareschi, this course goes deeper than a typical single day intro course by providing an intro evening session and two full days of backcountry skills education. No backcountry experience is necessary to register and this course is a fantastic precursor to a traditional three-day avalanche course.

Skills covered:

How to use splitboard equipment
Transitioning to ride mode from walk mode
Various techniques for efficient uphill travel
How to use avalanche safety equipment: beacon, shovel and probe
What to bring in your pack and how to pack it
Managing gear in the elements and layering clothes
Skills taught are an ideal prerequisite to enrolling in an AVY 1 course

Learn more the Women’s Intro course and register here.

Intro to Splitboarding In Lake Tahoe

February 2 and 9th

Alpenglow Expeditions also offers a one-day Intro To Splitboarding course that covers the fundamentals of backcountry snowboarding. After this course, you will be able to plan and execute an efficient, simple backcountry splitboard tour. Learn more about Alpenglow’s one day split courses here.

Intro To Splitboard Mountaineering In Lake Tahoe

Date TBA

Jones Ambassador Guide Jules Hanna will be hosting a 3-day Splitboard Mountaineering course in Lake Tahoe later this winter that is designed to teach you the skills necessary to climb and ride a big objective. This course will teach gear selection, snow climbing with ice axe and crampons, advanced touring planning, steep riding techniques and other technical backcountry skills. Contact Alpenglow Expeditions for details on this course.

Intro To Splitboard Mountaineering In The Tetons

February 22-24th

Exum Mountain Guides is offering a 3-day Splitboard Mountaineering course in Jackson Hole instructed by Jones Ambassador Guide Brendan Burns. This course offers an awesome opportunity to progress your split skills while exploring the mighty Tetons. It takes legit experience to safely travel to the highest reaches of the Teton backcountry and this course will lay a solid foundation of technical skills including: gear selection, introduction to technical rope work, snow climbing with an ice axe + crampons, steep riding techniques, partner communication, terrain assessment and hazard evaluation.

Learn more about Exum’s course and register here.

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Published on
25 January 2019
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