While board and boot performance always get heavy consideration, binding performance is often slept on. Any two straps and a highback may get you down the hill, but not all bindings ride the same. When you are strapped into a binding that’s supremely comfortable and offers lightning fast response you can ride stronger and longer.

Jones bindings are designed to deliver game changing all-day performance. The Apollo is a premium freeride binding built for riders who need maximum response in technical terrain and the Mercury is a freestyle/freeride binding designed for all-terrain riders who slash up the whole mountain. At the heart of both models is the NOW Skate Tech pivot system. NOW technology increases board control, decreases board chatter and let’s you ride with more power and less foot fatigue from first to last chair.

Jeremy Jones started riding NOW bindings in 2009 and from day one the performance blew him away.

“I’ve tested the NOW bindings against the leading traditional baseplate bindings on two identical boards with the same tune, same stance. The suspension of the NOW system really makes a difference. I instantly felt more control, less chatter and had less foot pain riding NOW. " - Jeremy Jones


The NOW Skate Tech system transfers energy input to the edges using a pivoting lever point between the baseplate and binding.

The unmatched performance of NOW bindings comes from the dynamic design of the baseplate. Traditional bindings lose energy when the rigid baseplate flexes and bends unevenly against the mounting disc. The energy loss forces you to crank your straps tighter and ride with more forward lean to gain the same control. Uneven pressure and tight straps also lead to more foot pain.

NOW bindings transfer energy input evenly from the straps to the board edges by pivoting the baseplate on a post that holds the mounting disc. The baseplate is also cushioned by rubber bushings that absorb chatter. By adding this dynamic suspension to the baseplate, the middle of your board flexes more uniformly and your feet stay more relaxed because the bindings transfer power to the board with less work.

The Apollo binding is available in two sizes: Medium (US 7-10.5), Large (US 10-13).

The updated 19/20 Apollo binding is designed for the expert freerider who’s riding style demands faultless edge control. What sets the Apollo apart is the Jones’ exclusive Asym Carbon Flax Wide-Back.

The new Asym Flax / Carbon Wide Back is a composite high back featuring an extended width upper half for improved turn response. No more falling out of your highback on hard toe-side turns. The Wide Back keeps your boot top locked into your binding driving more power to your edges as you initiate a turn. The Wide Back is also pre-rotated five degrees to better follow your leg angles as you bend and pivot. The multi-position forward lean block offers rock solid support in any setting and the Flax /3K Carbon Fiber construction blends the ultralight stiffness of carbon with the superior sustainability of natural Flax fiber. The Wide Back is the ultimate highback for freeriders that are serious about technical turn performance.

Matching the premium highback with NOW Skate Tech technology created a binding that will respond to your every muscle twitch with lightning fast accuracy. New for 19/20 we’ve also updated the Apollo ankle straps with a new wider profile for better power transfer.

The Mercury binding is available in three sizes: Small (US 5-7.5), Medium (US 7-10.5), Large (US 10-13).

The Mercury binding is designed for the all-mountain rider who needs supreme edge control and comfort balanced with a more maneuverable, medium stiff flex. The Mercury’s Flex Hinge highback offers solid support while absorbing chatter and eliminating calf-bite.

The Flip-It strap allows you to interchange the ankle straps between the left and right binding to create custom response.

Both models offer customizable dampening and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode. Surf Mode lets you tweak harder, while Freeride Mode keeps you locked in for maximum response. You can easily switch modes by changing the bushings from soft (Surf Mode) to hard (Freeride Mode) and adjusting the Flip- It ankle straps. The Flip-It strap allows you to interchange the ankle straps between the left and right binding to create custom response. Ride with the ankle straps in Freeride mode for more lateral support and board response or flip the straps into Surf Mode for solid heel support, but more ankle flexibility for getting loose.

FREERIDE MODE Position the wide half of the strap above the buckle for more lateral support and board response. Use Hard Bushings for maximum board response.
Flip-It Strap | SURF MODE
SURF MODE Position the wide half of the strap below the buckle for solid heel support but more ankle flexibility for getting loose. Use Soft Bushings for a looser, more dynamic surf feel.
CHF 569.95

Your riding style will define whether the Apollo or Mercury is your perfect binding. If you like a taller, stiffer highback for maximum control at speed then the Apollo is for you. If you like a mid-high, mid-stiff highback that’s more ideal for freestyle, go for the Mercury.

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19 August 2019
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