Factory Partners
Social & Sustainability Obligations

The support of our factory partners is critical to maintain and advance our social and sustainability standards. We obligate all our major factory partners and suppliers to adhere to our Code Of Conduct and submit to a Social & Environmental Responsibility Audit.

Code Of Conduct

Working with the Swiss company EA Shaping Environmental Action, we designed and implemented a strong Code Of Conduct document that all our major suppliers are obligated to adhere to. The Code Of Conduct has five core social responsibility subjects.



Fair Operating Practices
- Anti-corruption
- Fair competition
- Respect for property rights
Human Rights
- Due diligence
- Risk human rights situations
- Discrimination and group vulnerability
- Civil and political rights
- Economic, social and cultural rights
- Child labor
- Forced labor
- Fundamental principles and rights at work
Labor Practices
- Employment and employer relationship
- Conditions of work and social protection
- Social dialogue
- Health and safety at work
- Human development and training at work
- Minimum Wage
- Freedom of association
- Maximum work hours
The Environment
- Pollution prevention
- Resource management (energy, water, material reduction)
- Waste treatment (reduce, reuse, recycle)
- Animal welfare
Consumer Issues
- Product quality control
- Consumer health and safety protection
- Consumer education and awareness
- Data protection and privacy