Big Horn Series
Big Feet? We’ve got you covered.

The Big Horn Series identifies the boards in the Jones line designed for riders with big feet. These boards have a 26.3 cm or wider waist width for added performance on steep and hard snow. If you wear size US 11 boots or larger, look for the Big Horn sizes of most board models.

Big Horn Series
New Sizes
New Shape
CHF 749.95
New Shape
Carbon Flagship
CHF 1179.95
SEK 5499
CHF 769.95
New Sizes
CHF 569.95
Storm Chaser
CHF 729.95
Mountain Twin
CHF 599.95
New Sizes
Mind Expander
CHF 699.95
New Model
Ultra Mind Expander
£ 619
Mountain Surfer
EUR 449.95
Big Horn Series
Solution Splitboard
CHF 1049.95
Carbon Solution Splitboard
CHF 1649.95
Hovercraft Splitboard
CHF 999.95
Ultracraft Splitboard
CHF 1899.95
Frontier Splitboard
CHF 899.95
Storm Chaser Splitboard
CHF 1049.95
Recommended for Ultra Series
Build your kit
EUR 479.95
CHF 399.95
Talon Pro
DSCNT 25L backpack
CHF 169.95