Spring Shred Essentials

Gear Up For Sunny Days And Big Adventures

Sunny days and soft spring snow are the perfect conditions for big days in the backcountry and radical steeps + park sessions at the resort. Waxing with ’warm’ graphite wax and sharpening your edges will improve any boards spring performance, but it’s also a great time to round out your quiver with a spring specific stick.

You’ll catch the Jones team ripping the resort on the Aviator and Airheart these days. Loaded up with 3D-Power camber, the Aviator and Airheart offer the best edge hold of any board in our line - perfect for slashing steeps and tearing up terrain park trannies.

For epic backcountry adventures, the go-to spring splits are the Ultracraft, Solution, Explorer and Dream Catcher. The Ultracraft is the ultralight alpine racer while the Solution Explorer and Dream Catcher deliver all-conditions, all-terrain performance in two different flexes. Go stiffer (Solution) if you like to ride fast, go softer (Explorer/Dream Catcher) if you like to keep it surfy.

Jones Team Spring Quiver
Resort Razors And High Performance Splits
CHF 699.95
CHF 649.95
Women’s Mind Expander
CHF 699.95
Mountain Twin Splitboard
CHF 949.95
Frontier Splitboard
CHF 899.95
Solution Splitboard
CHF 1049.95
Ultracraft Splitboard
CHF 1899.95
Women’s Solution Splitboard
CHF 1049.95
Tools For Mountain Explorers
Skins, Shovel, Probe
Nomad Skins
Nomad PRO Skins
Nomad PRO Skins
Nomad Skins
Strike 240 probe
Excavator shovel