Ultra Construction is the redefinition of what it takes to build a snowboard.We’ve tested every inch of the board to precisely position materials exactly where they are needed while eliminating all excess materials. Combining these innovative construction techniques with superlight wood cores and carbon fiber deliver revolutionary results. Jones Ultra boards are the lightest, yet most durable snowboards on earth.

Ultra Series
The finest boards
New Model
Ultra Mind Expander
EUR 699.95
Project X
CHF 1849.95
CHF 769.95
Ultracraft Splitboard
CHF 1899.95
Ultra Mountain Twin
CHF 729.95
Recommended for Ultra Series
Build your kit
EUR 479.95
Talon Pro
DSCNT 25L backpack
CHF 169.95
From Mt. Hood to Chile to our backyard in the Sierra, we test new boards on snow all year long. Our quest for innovation and progression demands we tweak and fine tune designs at every stage before production.