Eco Performance
Performance + Durability + Sustainability

Performance Focused, ECO Conscious

Balancing the qualities of performance, durability and sustainability is one of the most difficult aspects of snowboard design. We strive to use as many sustainable materials as possible, but we trust our lives to these boards so we must value performance foremost. Durability is a critical aspect of snowboard sustainability as the longer a board lasts, the less waste that goes to the dump. This ECO-Performance design philosophy is the foundation upon which everything we make is made. We test new materials and production processes against these criteria and strive to make the most sustainable products possible without sacrificing performance or durability.

Product Certifications
Recycled PET
Most of Backpacks
Confidence in Textiles
All Neckwarmers
Organic Blended Content Standard
All apparel
DSCNT 32L R.A.S. backpack
Snowboards & Splitboards
Since 2018 – NON-Toxic Sidewall Finishing Solution Replaces Acetone
Used on all Jones board models.
Since 2018 – Optimized Splitboard Packaging
Splitboard packaging re-designed to reduce cardboard use and better protect boards in transit.
Since 2018 – Graphic Printers
Jones models with full topcoat graphics printed on new Epson printers which comply with AZO certification and meet the Oeko-Tex Safety Standard.
Since 2017 – Basalt Fiber Stringers
Replaces carbon stringers. Featured on the 18/19 Flagship models.
Since 2016 – Varnish
Solvent Varnish is no longer used in production.
Since 2016 – WEND Natural BIO Wax
Wax made with bio-degradable ingredients. Featured on all Jones models.
Since 2016 – Flax Natural Fiber
Replaces some fiberglass on 18/19 Flagship models.
Since 2016 – Fusion Tech
Reduces material use by eliminating need for a traditional topsheet.
Since 2016 – Topsheets Made With Castor Beans
Featured on all Jones board models except models with Fusion Tech.
Since 2009 – Finger Joined Wood Cores
Reduces wood material waste. Featured on all Jones models.
Since 2009 – Flip-Flop Base Graphic Colors
Reduces material waste by offering two die-cut base graphic colorways.
Since 2009 – Wood Veneer Top
Featured on Flagship, Hovercraft and Ultra Mountain Twin.
Since 2009 – Recycled Steel Edges
Featured on all Jones board models.
Since 2009 – Recycled ABS Sidewalls
Featured on all Jones board models.
Skins / Backpacks / Apparel
Since 2015 – Flouro-Free (Skins)
Flouro-Free skin plush material
Since 2015 – PFOA-Free (Skins)
PFOA-Free skin plush material
Since 2015 – Pre-Cut Skin Sizes (Skins)
Reduce waste in production and at the consumer level.
Since 2015 – Optimized Packaging (Skins)
Made with re-usable bag.
Since 2014 – Recycled Fabrics (Packs)
In use on Jones Deeper, Further, Higher and Higher RAS packs.
Since 2014 – PVC-Free Fabric (Packs)
In use on all Jones pack models.
Since 2014 – Organic Cotton (Apparel)
All Jones tees and hoodies are made in India from 35% recycled polyester and 65% Organic Cotton and certified Organic Blended Standard (OBCS) organic cotton.



Ode To Progression
All things can be improved through materials or design.
Stagnation is not an option.