Splitboarding Gear

The performance of your splitboard gear is critical to your success and safety in the backcountry. When your gear works flawlessly you move faster and save energy to tour longer and stronger. We live to ride wild lines in the backcountry so we don’t settle for average gear. Every piece of gear we make has been fine tuned by Jeremy and our ambassadors to be perfect for what we love to do.

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Men’s Splitboards
Women’s Splitboards
Climbing Skins
Splitboard Poles
Shovels & Probes
Tools For Mountain Explorers
Skins, Poles, Backpacks, Board Bags
Nomad Skins
Nomad PRO Skins
Nomad PRO Skins
Nomad Skins
Talon Pro
DSCNT 19L backpack
CHF 139.95
DSCNT 25L backpack
CHF 169.95
DSCNT 32L backpack
DSCNT R.A.S. 32L backpack
Adventure board bag
Expedition Board Bag
Mountain Safety Gear
Probes, Shovels, DSCNT 32L R.A.S.
Excavator Carbon shovel
Excavator shovel
Strike 320 probe
Strike 240 probe
DSCNT R.A.S. 32L backpack
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