Life Cycle Assessment

We’ve put serious effort into analyzing the footprint of our production and making our supply chain transparent. All new developments undergo a Life Cycle Assessment to review potential product sustainability and our publicly available supply chain map displays comprehensive information about all our major factory partners and suppliers.

To fully understand the true environmental footprint of a specific material or process that we use in our production we worked with EA Shaping Environmental Action to complete a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our snowboard production. The LCA process examines the environment impact of every detail of a products’ life cycle, from the materials and energy used in production, how the board gets shipped, how often the board will get used, to how the board will be disposed of. The LCA presents a clear picture of the footprint of a Jones snowboard from birth to death. The LCA also breaks down the individual impact of every material and process used and highlights where improvements to board sustainability should be focused.