When you are one with your pack in fit and function it is a game changer. You move faster and conserve energy to ride stronger when your food and water are close at hand and your gear is locked down tight. We live and breathe backcountry snowboarding so we design our packs to be perfect for what we do. Jones packs are built to feel like a natural extension of your body as you move through the mountains.

Made For Movement

New for 2019 we are proud to debut the DSCNT Pack Series. The DSCNT packs were designed for riding dynamic technical terrain. They include all the features you need for efficient backcountry travel contained in a modern shape that disperses weight evenly over your entire torso to keep your center of gravity tight.

New Model
Minimalist 35L & 45L Backpack
£ 165
New Model
DSCNT R.A.S. 32L backpack
£ 249
New Model
DSCNT 32L backpack
EUR 149.95
New Model
DSCNT 25L backpack
£ 120
New Model
DSCNT 19L backpack
£ 100