Youth Snowboards
Kids are ripping harder than ever, but the quality of snowboards available in youth sizes has not kept pace. All the youth boards on the market are designed for the first time rider. The Discovery and Prodigy are the foundation of our Jones youth collection and both models shatter the paradigm that youth don’t need a high performance snowboard. The new Mini-Mind Expander takes that concept one step further and offers young riders a unique new board for expanding their creative riding potential. All of our youth models feature the same top quality materials and offer the same groundbreaking performance as our adult models.
Directional All Mountain
Versatile directional twin models designed for piste, park and pow. Each model features a unique combination of flex, materials and camber profiles that have been fine tuned for maximum maneuverability and stability riding in any snow condition.
New Sizes
£ 245
Directional Freeride
Confidence inspiring freeride models built for maximum performance off piste and in technical terrain. All models feature shapes designed to stomp and straight line plus a directional rocker/camber profile that delivers insane float and unmatched edge grip.
Discovery Snowboard
£ 305
Surf Shape
Progressive surf-inspired snowboards designed by surfboard shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones. Each model in the collection features a unique shape, flex, rocker and SPOON profile that delivers ultra fast glide and nimble performance in pow or on piste.
New Model
Mini Mind Expander
£ 305