Women’s Snowboards
Every snowboarder deserves equipment that matches their passion. The Women’s Series is a complete collection. Women of any ability or riding style can find their perfect board and experienced riders can build a quiver. No sacrifices are made in technology or materials for the Women’s Series. The specs are simply tuned for lighter, smaller riders.
Women’s Hovercraft 2018/19
EUR 529.95
Meet Elena Hight
From the Pipe to the Peaks - The evolution of Elena Hight. How do you top a fifteen year competitive freestyle snowboard career and a mantle full of the biggest trophies in the game? If you’re two-time US Olympic Halfpipe team member Elena Hight, the next chapter of your shred career starts with a long walk… Read more
Women’s Splitboards
More and more adventurous women are venturing out into the backcountry in search of adventure and untracked powder. Our women’s splitboard collection includes two high performance models that excel in any terrain and are ideal for any length tour from day trips to week long backcountry tours.
Women’s Solution Splitboard 2018/19
EUR 899.95
Exploring China’s Altai Range With Halina Boyd.

Riding on a horse drawn toboggan over snow covered roads, we weave through a Birch and Pine forest alongside a half-frozen river until we reach a farmhouse…

Read more

Mountain Supply
DSCNT 19L backpack
EUR 119.95
DSCNT 32L backpack
EUR 149.95
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