Honored to continue a design partnership with renowned San Diego surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. Chris is one of the most diverse surf shapers in the world and makes everything from contest boards to longboards and record breaking big wave guns.

From Surf To Snow
Each model in the collection features a unique shape, flex, rocker and SPOON profile that delivers ultra fast glide and nimble performance in pow or on piste.
New Model
Ultra Mind Expander
EUR 699.95
New Sizes
Mind Expander
CHF 699.95
Mind Expander Splitboard
CHF 1049.95
Women’s Mind Expander
CHF 699.95
Mini Mind Expander
CHF 469.95
Mountain Surfer
EUR 449.95
Storm Chaser
CHF 729.95
Storm Chaser Splitboard
EUR 899.95
Lone Wolf
From Surf To Snow
Mind Expander hoodie
Storm hoodie
Wolf hoodie
Mind Expander tee
Storm tee
Wolf tee
Surf series neckwarmer
Storm cap
Wolf cap
Recommended for Surf Series
Build your kit
DSCNT 25L backpack
CHF 169.95