Go Splitboarding

Explore Your Backyard
A splitboard unlocks the opportunity to efficiently explore outside the resort boundaries. Backcountry terrain that you’ve always dreamed about riding can become a reality with a splitboard and the proper avalanche training and rescue gear.
Find The Best Snow
No better way to escape resort powder stress than by strapping into a splitboard and going for a walk. Nine times out of ten you’ll find better snow in the backcountry than the resort and you’ll always cross less tracks.
No Lift Tickets!
A splitboard is a season pass to the backcountry that never expires. Once you have invested in split gear and avalanche rescue training your only expense to go shred will be food for the hike and gas to get to the trailhead.
Connect With Nature
When you step outside of human development areas Mother Earth turns up the volume. There’s no doubt you’ll find a more profound connection with nature and all the wild natural forces at work on our planet when you leave the chairlifts behind.
Get Fit, Get Strong
Long days in the skin track will get you seriously strong. Your legs, arms, core, heart and lungs get a solid work out going up and down, while you fine tune your balance and soothe your soul surfing the earth.
Ride Dream Lines
The world’s resorts may hold some rad lines, but no chairlift or gondola can touch the amount of trophy terrain a splitboard unlocks. Open your mind to climbing mountains and exploring the wilderness on a splitboard and a lifetime of riding dream lines will await you.
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