Start small, think big, make a difference

Since the very first Jones board popped out of the press in 2009, every board we’ve ever made was built with recycled steel edges and recycled ABS sidewalls. We use only a couple meters of material in any one board, but now ten seasons and a couple hundred thousand boards built later, we estimate we’ve saved over 600,000 meters of virgin plastic and steel from the landfill by using these recycled materials. That’s a piece of plastic that would stretch from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

In celebration of Earth Day 2019 we’re focused on finding more ways that we can have a positive impact on the planet through small but impactful choices like using more recycled materials in all aspects of our life. Inspired by our non-profit partner 1% For The Planet, we’re honored to be a part of the ‘Be 1% Better’ movement both as a brand and as individuals.

As a brand we’re dedicated to supporting environmental causes as a proud member of 1% For The Planet (1% FTP). 1% FTP is a growing association of businesses that have pledged to give 1% of their sales directly to environmental non-profits. With over 1,800 member businesses in 45 countries the mission of 1% FTP is to leverage this alliance of financially committed businesses to support diverse environmental organizations around the globe.

Our 1% FTP donation goes toward fighting climate change through our support of Protect Our Winters (POW). Protect Our Winters is a climate change organization founded by Jeremy Jones in 2007. The mission of POW is to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change.

We also use a portion of our donation to POW to support a Community Carbon Trees (CCT) a rainforest reforestation project in Costa Rica. CCT fights against climate change by reforesting clear cut swaths of rainforest with a wide diversity of native tropical trees. The reforestation and protection of trees is truly an important step toward the mitigation of climate change as forests pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and recycle it into oxygen. The benefits of reforestation in Costa Rica are greater than most other places on Earth because tropical trees are able to grow 365 days-a-year thanks to Costa Rica’s unique location within 10 degrees of the Equator.

Building snowboards will always have an environmental footprint so we strive to minimize this footprint whenever possible by using sustainable materials and developing new more sustainable manufacturing techniques. We’ve made significant progress in this regard and our 2019-20 product line that will arrive in stores this fall will be our most sustainably produced ever. Can’t wait to show you what we have coming!

We recognize that the decisions we make as a brand only have so much impact, however. To truly change the course of our planet’s fate we need every global citizen to recognize the impact of their lifestyle choices on the health of the earth. If we can get a lot of people to make a small change it can amount to a big impact.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and ‘Be 1% Better’? Jones ambassadors and employees from every level of our company are. From the food they eat to how they travel our crew has come up with creative ways to live more sustainably. Check out these video testimonials about how they plan to be ‘Be 1% Better’ and get inspired to set your own goal for how you can minimize your impact on the planet in your daily life.

Jeremy Jones
Jones Founder
Antoine Floquet
Product engineer
Nick Russell
Jones Ambassador
Matt Baker
Pacific North West rep
Jen McVey
General Manager Nidecker North America
Forrest Shearer
Jones Ambassador
Colin Darcy
Canadian Dealer Services manager
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22 April 2019
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Start small, think big, make a difference Since the very first Jones board popped out of the press in 2009, every board we’ve ever made was built with recycled steel edges and recycled ABS sidewalls. We use only a couple meters of material in...
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