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Avalanche Rescue Steps

1. Scene size up - Is it safe to rescue?
2. Pick a rescue leader.
3. Switch beacon to search mode.
4. Start beacon search.
5. Zig-zag beacon search.
6. Locate beacon within two meters - begin probe search.
7. Strike at 90°.
8. When probe strike, start shoveling.
9. Begin digging 1.5 times the burial depth downhill from the probe strike. Extract victim carefully.
10. Check A,B,C: Airway, Breathing Circulation (pulse).
11. Start CPR if need: 30:2 chest compress to rescue breath at rate of 100 compress per min.
12. Assess for traumatic injuries, keep victim warm and rescue by helicopter if possible.

Emergency Call
USA/CAN / 911
Europe / 112
Japan / 119
Emergency Signal
Mountain Safety Equipment
Shovel and Probe
Excavator shovel
Strike 240 probe