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New Name, Same Playful Freeride Spirit

Excited to introduce the newly re-named Jones Frontier and Frontier Split. Formerly named the Explorer, the Frontier is a directional freeride board designed to be the perfect daily driver for the creative all-mountain and backcountry shredder.

The Frontier is built to ride-it-all thanks to it’s floaty, freeride nose, freestyle tail and directional rocker profile. The versatile shape is matched with a medium stiff flex that makes the Frontier a fun loving freeride board that rips in pow, on hardpack or riding switch. For confident stability cruising through technical terrain, the Frontier solid has a 3D Contour Base 1.0 with spoon beveled nose and tail edges to reduce edge catch and improve turn initiation in tight terrain. Both the solid and split also feature Traction Tech 2.0 for added edge grip on hard snow.

To celebrate the debut of the Frontier we asked renowned UK landscape artist RP Roberts to design a special graphic for the 2019/20 model. The graphic features five peaks from around the world that hold special meaning to Jones Snowboards founder Jeremy Jones. Jeremy has ridden from the summit of all these mountains at different stages of his career, including the mighty Himalayan peak Shangri-La that marked the grand finale of his DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER video series.

“Such an honor to create this special piece to commemorate the launch of the new Frontier and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Jones Snowboards. From our first conversation about which peaks to include, to seeing the final graphic under my snowboard bindings, it’s been thrilling to bring this artistic concept to life.” - RP Roberts

Balancing old school painting skills with new school street art skills, the process RP uses to create his board graphics is quite unique. He starts by collecting sunrise and sunset images of the peaks that show the most contrast on the distinct features of the mountain. For the Frontier, he then made a digital mock up of the layout, layering the peaks in various orders to find the best composition that avoided placing important mountain features over the binding insert locations. Once the composition was to his liking, RP picked up the pen, paint brush and spray can.

“I begin my landscape paintings by building up various layers of ink and acrylic washes to create the overall form of the mountain. Then I start to add detail to some of the features, like spines and ridges, building up layers of texture with spray paint and markers, trying to keep an element of looseness to the overall piece. I usually get the layers of darkness to a depth I’m happy with, then start to pick out elements of the mountains with highlights and lighter tones” - RP Roberts

We’re equally thrilled to showcase RP’s amazing artistic talent and these iconic peaks on the new Frontier.
Here’s the background story on the five featured mountains starting from the peak on the nose:

Wilson Peak - Colorado, USA
Towering on the skyline of the town of Telluride, Wilson Peak is an iconic peak in the San Juan Range of Southern Colorado. The northeast face of Wilson peak is home to several steep couloirs that are classic backcountry descents. Jeremy rode the central couloir in perfect powder conditions in May 2014.
Corrugated - Canada
Straddling the USA/Canada border near the town of Haines, Alaska lies the mythical peak named Corrugated. After many years of looking at the otherworldly spine face Jeremy Jones made the first descent of the face in 2009 while filming for his movie, DEEPER.
The Tetons - Wyoming, USA
With stunning descents connecting off nearly every summit, the Tetons are a backcountry riders paradise in the state of Wyoming. Just down the crest from the iconic Grand, Middle and Lower Teton sits the famous Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Jeremy started riding the Tetons in the late 90’s and has laid tracks down dozens of the most classic descents.
Shangri-La - Nepal
Tucked into a fold of the Himalaya near Mount Everest in Nepal, lies the mind blowing 21,000+ ft (6400m) Shangri-La peak. Jeremy Jones rode the first descent of this 60-degree spine wall in 2013 while filming for his movie, HIGHER.
Bec des Rosses - Verbier, Switzerland
Home to the Xtreme Verbier freeride contest, the Bec des Rosses is a legendary peak on the Verbier skyline. Jeremy Jones and Jones Ambassador Sammy Luebke have both won the Xtreme Verbier contest riding fast, exposed lines down the scary steep and rocky face.

The Frontier solid is available in nine sizes: 152, 156, 158w, 159, 161w, 162, 164w, 165 (NEW), 167w (NEW)

The Frontier split is available in seven sizes: 152, 156, 158w, 159, 161w, 162, 164w

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Published on
19 August 2019
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