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Favorite Jones board:
I ride the Carbon solution the most for guiding. I love this board, it is definitely my go to as it can handle all situations and is super fun to ride. I also really like the Mountain Twin. This board is amazing - very fast base, super poppy and floats really nice in the pow.
How long have you been guiding at Baldface and what makes that zone so special?
I have been guiding at Baldface for 13 years, it is a very magical place that has become the mecca for snowboarding folks from pro to bro, all come to connect leaving egos at the door to shred quality blower kootenay pow, we have a ton of terrain that is perfect for shredding.
What are the first steps a beginner backcountry rider should take to become avy savvy?
Education, Educate yourself on all aspect of avalanche/ mountain safety and preparedness , get the gear learn how to use it, take a avi course and find responsible dialled people to go shredding with in the back county.
What do you feel is the most common mistake made in avalanche accidents?
Bad planning, poor decision making, not paying attention to the signs . Most of the time when people look back on accidents it is very easy to see what went wrong. Follow the simple steps of preparedness forecasting and terrain selection that will be learned in your avalanche courses and professionals, always stick to the same process, this will help in not making bad decisions. If thing don't feel right they probably are not, always listen to your intuition it will usually be right.
What is one lesson or reminder you learned in the backcountry recently?
When conditions are super sketchy, even the most mellow terrain can be touchy. We had a bad layer this winter that was super sketchy so we were staying mellow 25 deg treed terrain, to my surprise people were kicking off small avalanches in places I would never expect, I had ridden the terrain for 15 years in all kinds of conditions and never seen this place avalanche. So always be ready to be surprised and be adapt to the situations accordingly.
How has splitboarding changed your view of the backcountry?
It has opened up the mountains to fully be explore, when I started touring over 25 years ago we were boot packing, it was brutal, stairwells in deep pow, super tiring and limiting, after saving up i bought snowshoes and they worked way better but I still felt a bit limited to where I cold go. When I built my first split i couldn't believe how it opened up my mountain experience, my objectives grew and I was able to go everywhere, it also open up the potential for multi day winter trips with heavy loads.
Describe your "dream line".
I have a secret zone in B.C. it is a 2 hour sled ride followed by a 4 hour tour into this zone, the camp sits on a natural hot springs that looks up to some of the most epic 3000 foot spine and pillow lines, shred in shred out hot springs, dreamy.
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
The love for the mountains and the pure and true experience of that perfect pow line, there isn't many places left on the planet where you can truly be in the moment embracing the simplicity and wisdom of the mountains.

My Setup

Mountain Twin
Carbon Solution Splitboard
Solution Splitboard
Hovercraft Splitboard