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Mammoth Lakes, CA

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Mammoth Mountain



2016 Season Highlight
Racing in the Baker Banked Slalom and going to Baldface were definitely the highlights of last winter.
Why do you snowboard?
I snowboard because I like the way it makes me feel and it's a great way to express yourself. Learning new tricks and techniques give me the feeling of accomplishment and keeps me stoked on shredding. Also, chicks dig snowboarding and it's FUN!
If you only got one pow day for the entire next winter, where would you ride?
Hmm that's a very tough question, I would want to make the most of that day and there is no better way of doing that then riding at your home range where you know all the stashes and secret spots that you know are holding!
How do you keep it cool when you're about to drop into a rowdy line?
Ha ha I blink a couple times, make sure it's real life and sing a bad ass tune to myself (most likely a jam heard on the radio on the way to the trailhead) until I feel the hair stand up on my arms and legs, then I know I'm ready.
What does your dream line look like?
My dream line starts off pillow poppin' into a high speed pinner followed by some wide open turns leading into some supernatural kickers.
What's one lesson or reminder you learned in the backcountry recently?
One lesson I've learned is you can never bring enough water and to always remind yourself to not take snow conditions for granted as they are always changing even throughout the period of a day or a couple hours.

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