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Favorite Jones boards:
The Women’s Solution Split was been my favorite tool for the backcountry for 3 years now. It’s by far the lightest ladies specific split on the market and yet can hold it’s edge on everything from high speed avalanche debris run-outs to 3 foot powder-day sprays to late afternoon spring-corn strolls.
What is one lesson you learned in the backcountry recently?
Things don’t always go according to plan. Whenever you head out in the backcountry bring the essentials like water, extra snacks, emergency shelter and a head lamp incase you need to spend the night. Oh yeah, and always bring extra ski straps! My bindings decided to shed screws all over Japan and ended riding with one binding held together by two ski straps!
How do you stay calm + confident when riding exposed lines?
This is why I snowboard. I drop into the zone, my “flow-state”. Nothing else matters in that moment, that perfect moment where you are one with the mountain, your board, nature. Fully free to express your unique mark on the mountain, your unique dance. I think comfort in high-exposure circumstances comes with time and experience. As you build on your journey as an athlete or mountaineer, you’re going to find yourself in higher consequence situations. Know your backcountry partners well enough to be able to trust them with your life and do what you can to be able to help if accidents happen. Knowing you have done what you can to prepare will keep those voices at bay. Take a WFR and an Avalanche course if you and your partners plan to put yourselves in those exposed situations.
How has splitboarding changed your view of the backcountry?
Splitboarding is my primary way of accessing the backcountry. It has completely shaped the way I look at the backcountry and how we travel in it. The peace and quite of the skin track is a form of meditation and you can feel the excitement grow in the group as you ascend the route and get closer to the objective. It’s also nice to not have to rely on fossil fueled engines, like sleds or helicopters, to get me up the mountain. It’s by far my favorite way to travel in the mountains and my passion for it only continues to grow.
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
My insatiable quest for the next adventure, to explore the next mountain range. Every time I travel to a new country with a new range, I’m reminded how big this world is and the unique qualities each mountain range has to offer. There is a call of the mountains this is indescribable yet so very powerful. I’m also very inspired by those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to being in the mountains and exploring the complexity and gifts they have to offer.
Describe your "dream line".
4000 ft. vertical line: First 1000 ft. would be a technical Teton couloir, second 1000 ft. would be fluffy British Columbia pillows, then 1000 ft. of cliffy technical Japanese alps and finish with 1000 ft. of open massive powder turns.
What was the highlight of last season?
Finally made it to Alaska this past season, Valdez, and arrived to the lowest snowpack on record. Though the snow wasn't all time, we had a blast exploring the Chugach Range and hiking a few couloirs that would usually have huge cornices overhead during normal snow years. Also made it to the Altai Mountain Range of Northern China with Harry Kearney, and that was an incredible experience! Such an awesome cultural and exploratory mission. So many noodle bowls, it was insane. Would love to check out more of the Altai some day.

My Setup

Women’s Solution Splitboard
Twin Sister
Women’s Hovercraft