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2017 Season Highlight:
2017 was a very memorable season for me. I was lucky enough to go on an adventure to China, but the first week of March at Mt Baker left the most lasting impression. It was one of, if not the best week of snowboarding I’ve ever had. Relentless snow, light crowds and some of my favorite zones filled in deeper then I had ever experienced before. One for the books without a doubt. But then the rains came, as they always do, so best to look elsewhere in the future. It rains at Mt Baker. Lots of rain. Haha.
Favorite Jones boards:
Just had a hell of a time on the Ultracraft. What a manipulative little fella. Stoked to get some more time in on the Flagship too!
What is one lesson you learned in the backcountry recently?
It’s one that I seem to get numerous times over the years, but the patience thing always seems to come around. Patience to wait for conditions to line up, not to rush it in that sense. Patience in the moment too, to slow down and work through something so as not to make a dumb mistake. I got freaked out on a climb up, and sometimes you have to call it and turn around but sometimes you slow down and chill and you can work past it.
What is one tip for riding faster in banked slalom races?
I’d say, and not all the time, but generally to ride the banks. It’s a banked slalom so ride it like one. Put it up on the coping!
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
New terrain for sure. And sharing stoke with friends. Riding where I’ve never ridden before is the best. Or great days with good friends. Also the best. If you can combine new terrain with good friends? The bestest.
How has splitboarding changed your view of the backcountry?
First of all it makes you look at the approach. Instead of riding down a mountain you have to see where you’ll walk up first, so that’s cool. Otherwise it gives a different feeling of satisfaction after a day of splitboarding than a day of riding lifts. You get less runs too, so the tracks you lay down, the mark making, is way more meaningful, and on a personal level made with much more intent.
Describe your "dream line”.
How about a pinner couloir straightline for a couple seconds that pitches you into a big ol' Waimea style windlip to surf at top speed, followed by some pillowy boulders with soft open landings. With a scenic view from the top.

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