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Juneau, Alaska

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2016 Season highlight:
Riding endless nipple deep pow in Japan with some of my best friends.
Favorite Jones boards:
Carbon Flagship and Carbon Solution
What is one lesson or reminder you learned in the backcountry recently?
Ride with people you know and can trust with your life.
How do you stay calm + confident when riding exposed lines?
Having confidence in the snowpack stability is crucial. That being said I try to imagine what will happen if the snow does slide. That way I can visualize where the safe spots are in case things go wrong and I have to pull up.
How has splitboarding changed your view of the backcountry?
Accessing the goods is no longer a leg toasting chore. Breaking trail out to that untouched line on my splitboard is smooth and consistent to the point that I have all the energy I need to actually ride the line clean.
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
When I drop in and the whole world slides away behind commanding everything I have to that present moment.
Describe your "dream line".
A long face plastered with an array of spines resembling a mountain sized harp. I would play my way down slashing from one string to the next as the marching band of a sluff roared behind me.

My Setup

Carbon Solution Splitboard
Solution Splitboard