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International Team

Home Town

Truckee, CA

Home Mountain

Squaw Valley



2017 Season Highlight
My season highlight was riding my home range in her finest condition. The Sierra was stacked all year and I got to hit old classics and new stuff that rarely fills in. We suffered for a few seasons, but Mother Nature provided and it's a season I won't soon forget.
Favorite Jones Boards
The Mountain Twin for everything!!! Hovercraft when it's deep, Aviator for ripping hard pack.
What inspires you to keep snowboarding?
I snowboard because I don't want to become stagnant, physically or mentally. Snowboarding is challenging and it keeps me young. Its the best way to be outside with your friends.
What's one lesson or reminder you learned in the backcountry recently?
I think the last few years of "drought boarding" has taught me that you don't need epic conditions to have a good time. Having to work harder to find rideable terrain has almost made it more rewarding. There are so many more elements to deal with on low snow years, it makes a day of splitboarding that much more adventurous. Whether your day starts in a field with no snow in sight or you have to explore new areas to make it happen, it's all part of snowboarding.
What does your dream line look like?
An endless toe-side windlip on the right with natural booters on the left. Followed by a 3000 foot Alaskan pointer, all funneling into 2 giant park jumps and a pipe. That exists right?

My Setup

Mountain Twin
Hovercraft Splitboard