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International Team

Home Town

Basalt, CO

Home Mountain

Gore Range/Elk Mountains/Rockies, CO


Favorite Jones Boards:
I ride the Flagship 161 as my stomping all-around mountain board and the Flagship 164 when I’m riding deep, fast lines in Alaska. The Solution 161 charges in the backcountry.
Why do you snowboard?
The freedom I find when snowboarding is natural, peaceful and so good for the soul
How do you define ‘freeriding’?
Shredding the mountain in your own way. Jeremy Jones gave me insight into this when he said to me, "There is no right or wrong way to ride the long as you make it down alive."
Where do you want to ride this year?
There are so many dreamy destinations to shred. Japan, Russia, China, South America or basically anywhere that holds bottomless champagne snow.
Who are your riding partners?
The Givin crew and any down brother or sister with a plan, beacon, and shovel.
When your not shredding pow, what are you up to?
Living life in the mountains: cycling, skateboarding, rock climbing, hunting, swimming, yoga, hiking, snowmobiling, surfing, fishing, baking, cooking and gardening.

My Setup

Solution Splitboard
Hovercraft Splitboard