Mental Keys
Countless backcountry accidents are caused by quick decisions and over confidence. Many accidents can be avoided by slowing down and considering the influences effecting your backcountry decision making. Learn Jeremy Jones’ "Mental Keys" checklist that he uses to make sure his head is in the right place before he travels into the backcountry.
Leave the ego at the trail head.
Just Say No
The mountains are guilty until proven innocent. Celebrate backing down.
Ride For Tomorrow
Pick your spots to hit 5th gear. The season is a marathon not a sprint.
The more critical the line the smaller the window it is safe to ride.
Present Moment
Give the mountains the respect and attention they deserve.

Learn More: Jeremy Jones’ Backcountry Mental Checklist Blog.



Backcountry Checklist

- Evaluate your group
- Check avy report
- Aspects to avoid
- Rescue plan
- Red flags ?
- Boards
- Boots
- AVY Gear
- AVY Beacon
- Poles
- Skins
- Gloves
- Goggles