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Choosing your split

Choosing a splitboard is an important decision. Your splitboard will be an extension of your body in undeniably committing situations. No matter what terrain you ride, when you head into the backcountry it’s imperative that you execute your tour and make it back to the trailhead efficiently.

How to find your perfect split

Splitboard 101

Everything you need to know to get you started: adjusting tip, tail and split clips and helpful videos to help you set up your new splitboard.

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Skins 101

Climbing skin performance can make or break your day in the backcountry. If your skins do not fit your splitboard, or they are not properly maintained, you are asking for trouble. Find out how to adjust and take care of your skins.

Splitboard skins - tip, tricks and trimming

Poles 101

Collapsible poles are the four-wheel drive of your backcountry ascent gear. They keep you from slipping and sliding as you shuffle up the skintrack and give you balance in the bootpack. For best pole performance it’s important to set your poles to the proper length for your height.

Check out the size chart and some helpful tips

High Performance, Sustainably Made Gear
We design gear that balances performance, durability and sustainability. We strive to make equipment you can trust with the most eco-conscious materials possible. New for 2020, all our snowboards and splitboards are molded with Super Sap Bio-Resin.
Proud member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of sales to fight climate change by supporting our non-profit partners Protect Our Winters and Community Carbon Trees.