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No, we currently do not offer custom graphics or sizes due to the complexity and expensive price of setup tools.

No, you can use any snowboard or ski wax. All Spoon surfaces should be waxed for best performance.

Depending on the board model, Spoon tips and tails are contoured up 1-7 mm. The rounded surfaces of the Spoon are designed to be smooth like the rest of the base so they should be maintained if rough or damaged. You can grind Spoon boards on standard grinding machines but you must grind the spoon surfaces by hand, not using the feed wheel. With the feed wheel lifted, grind the spoon sections by “rolling” the nose and tail side-to-side while passing the board back and forward on the belt.

The same “rolling” technique should be used for grinding the ‘Wings’ on the tail of the Hovercraft, Ultracraft and Storm Chaser. The Speed Channel on the Hovercraft/Ultracraft and Storm Chaser does not require tuning.

All Spoon surfaces should be waxed for best performance.

All Jones boards come with a 90 degree factory edge angle. You may adjust the edge angle to tune the board to your riding style or local conditions.

Maintaining your edges is crucial for maximum performance. Tune magne-traction edges using the same technique and tools as standard edges, just use a little less pressure.

Jones dealers and professional ski/board tuning shops will offer the best tuning services. Find your local dealer here.

Jones boards come lightly de-tuned from the factory. It is not mandatory to de-tune your board more, but if you feel the tip or tail of the board is still catchy, you may de-tune further using sand paper or a file.

For questions about de-tuning, contact your local Jones dealer here.