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Aviator Split

The Backcountry Razor

Ideal for Steeps, Spring Touring and Backcountry Freestyle


Speed Demon


Hard Pack

The Aviator Split is designed for backcountry riders who like to hike, huck and ride steep terrain. It’s a directional twin so you can set back the stance for pow days or center it up for stomping. The Aviator Split offers insane edge response going up or down thanks to the Power Camber profile and improved inner/outer edge Mellow Magne-traction. New for 2017, the Aviator Split now features an Ultra core for reduced weight, an ECO-plastic topsheet for improved sustainability and stainless steel reinforcement plates in the tip and tail for added durability.

An innovative traditional camber profile tweaked to offer the insane edge response of camber without the usual hang-ups. The camber radius tapers to flat toward the tips and the base is beveled up one degree at the edges from the contact points of the camber to the ends of the board. The base beveling releases the edges where they like to hook which balances the pop and directional stability of camber with a looser, less-catchy feel.

Shape Tech

The Quick Tension Tail Clip is designed for 2016-17 Jones Splitboards except the Discovery Split. All Jones Splitboards (except Discovery Split) now feature a notch cut into the tail of both skis that allows the Quick Tension Tail Clip fastener to simply slide into the notch and secure the skin.

Size Chart

New Size Size (cm) Skins Group Running Length (cm) Nose Length (cm) Tail Length (cm) Nose Width (cm) Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Sidecut Radius (m) Reference Stance (cm) Centered Stance (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (lbs/kg)
- 156 D 117.2 26.4 25.4 29.4 25.3 29.4 7.8 - 56 2.0 140-190 lbs. / 64-86 kg.
- 160 D 121.0 26.5 25.5 29.7 25.4 29.7 8.0 - 58 2.0 150-200 lbs. / 67-91 kg.
- 164 F 124.6 26.7 25.7 30.5 26.2 30.5 8.4 - 58 2.0 170-220 lbs.+ / 77-100 kg.+

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