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Surfboards and snowboards share more than just a riding stance. Both of these sideways sliding pursuits demand an ultra fast gliding board that allows e ortless, friction free movement through the water or snow. More glide equals more speed and more options for riding creativity.

To blend the best of surfboard technology with snowboard technology, we forged a design partnership with renowned San Diego surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. Chris is one of the most diverse surf shapers in the world and makes everything from contest boards to longboards and record breaking big
wave guns.

The Mountain Surfer, Storm Chaser and Storm Chaser Split are the first o spring of our collaboration with Chris. All three of these hand shaped, surf-inspired boards feature the subtleties and contours of Chris’ fastest surf shapes including a Surf Rocker Profile, Spoon Nose and Speed Channel Tail.
To no surprise, these boards are the fastest gliding boards in the Jones quiver.