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Jones Snowboards Sizing Guidelines

Jeremy Jones

Ready to buy a Jones board but shaky on what size to get? Here’s the lowdown on how to size our boards based on experience from Jeremy Jones and the Jones team.

These suggested sizing guidelines are based on rider weight, rider height, boot size and intended use. Following this advice will help you maximize board performance and let you truly experience the ride feel each model was engineered to deliver. If you are too heavy or too light for a given size, the board will feel softer or stiffer than designed to be.

Big footed riders take note of the wide size options included by model.

Hovercraft / Ultracraft

Solid - 152, 156, 160, 164 (only Hovercraft) cm
Split - 152, 156, 160 cm

With a blunt nose, squat stiff tail, long sidecut radius and long effective edge, the Hovercraft and Ultracraft are compact boards that ride and float like much longer boards. They are both designed to be ridden 3-6 cm shorter than your traditional snowboard.

Lighter, smaller riders who rarely ride boards bigger than a 157 cm (even in pow), should check out the Hover/Ultra-craft 152 cm. If you normally ride a 157-162 cm board and you’re an average sized guy (most riders), you will want the Hover/Ultra-craft 156 cm. If you normally ride a 162+ cm board, or you have size US 11/11.5 boot or bigger, grab a Hover/Ultra-craft 160 cm. The Hovercraft 164 cm is a seriously big/wide board for tall/heavy guys or those with massive feet (US 12+). Note that all Hover/Ultra-craft are fairly wide for their length. Average size riders with over-sized feet are still perfect on the Hovercraft 156.

The Hover/Ultra-craft split can be sized the same as the solid. A 156 cm splitboard may sound small for riding deep pow, but the Hovercraft 156 cm actually floats like a 162 cm without the extra 6 cm of board weight to carry on the way up. Again, if you are heavier (180+ lbs / 80+ kg) or have bigger feet (US 11+), go with Hover/Ultra-craft split 160.

Jeremy Jones is 5’8" (1.73m) tall, weighs 150 lbs (68kg) and wears a US 8 boot. Jeremy rides the Hover/Ultra-craft 156 cm.

Flagship / Carbon Flagship

Flagship: 154, 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 164, 165W, 166, 169W, 172 cm

Carbon Flagship: 158, 161, 162W, 164, 165W cm

The Flagship was designed to handle all conditions, all terrain. It’s the ultimate freeride board and excels when pointed into the fall line. The blunted nose and tail keep the Flagship compact which provides awesome float without the extra spin weight in the tips. Compared to your old round nose freeride board, the Flagship can be downsized 2-3 cm.

If you are an average sized guy with an average sized foot, chances are the Flagship 161 cm is your dream boat. The 161 cm is the perfect balance between enough board for deep pow but small enough to be maneuverable in tight situations. The 162W is about the same size board but wider for average sized guys with bigger feet (US 11+).

If you are a smaller rider or tend to ride more hard pack then the 154 or 158 cm may be your ticket. The 159W is similar sized but for smaller riders with big feet.

The Flagship 164 cm rides noticeably longer than the 161 cm. It’s great for deep pow or slightly bigger riders. Ryland Bell rides the Carbon Flagship 164 cm pretty much 24/7. You won’t catch Jeremy Jones on the Flagship 164 cm unless he is in Alaska. The 165W is similar to 164 but it’s substantially wider and fits boots US 11.5-13. The 166 is perfect for big guys with average sized feet or riders who consistently ride deep pow and need serious float. The 169W is for sasquatch-sized riders with massive feet. The Flagship 172 is not as wide as the 169W, so best for big riders who love long boards, but don’t wear big boots.

Though it depends on the terrain, in wide open situations, the bigger the Flagship, the faster you can safely throttle it. That said, going with the smaller size in the 161 vs 164 or 162W vs 165W debate will give you an all-around more nimble board in variable conditions. In hard pack you’ll often see Jeremy on a Flagship 158 cm. Team riders who are strictly Flagship folk, switch off 161 vs. 164 depending on how deep it is.

Solution / Carbon Solution

Solution: 154, 158, 159W, 161, 162W, 164, 165W, 166, 169W cm

Carbon Solution: 158, 161, 162W, 165W cm

The Solution is a hard charging and playful splitboard that is designed to excel in all snow conditions. It is the same shape, size and camber profile as the Flagship.

The Solution features a blunted, rockered nose and tail that give the board insane float for it’s length. You can downsize the Solution 2-3 cm from your old pow board. We have found that you can use the smaller size Solutions (158, 161, 162W cm) in all but stupid deep pow by just setting back the stance a bit more. The shorter size is lighter which is nice on the way up and more nimble in the inevitable backcountry jungle shred situations. The bigger sizes (164, 165W, 166, 169W) are great for taller, heavier than average riders or those with the intention of frequent overnight split trips carrying heavy tour packs.

The most popular size solution is the 161 cm. Lighter guys with small feet might benefit from a 158 cm especially if your normal board size of choice is 156-158 cm.

If you have size US 12+ boots, look to the 165W or 169W for best performance on steep, hard pack terrain. Anything smaller and you might heel out on steep terrain depending on how you set the heel/toe spacing of your split bindings. The 162W is a mid-wide and ideal for boots size US 10.5-12.

Mountain Twin / Ultra Mountain Twin

Mountain Twin: 151, 154, 155W, 157, 158W, 160, 161W, 162, 164W cm

Ultra Mountain Twin: 154, 157, 158W, 160, 161W, 162, 164W cm

The Mountain Twin is the most playful board in the Jones quiver and is equally at home in the park, pow or on piste. The Ultra Mountain Twin is the same size and shape as the standard Mountain Twin, but it’s super charged with carbon stringers and a faster base for more stability at speed.

Whether you lean toward riding park or riding pow may be influential in your Mountain Twin size choice. If you lean toward jibbing and hitting jumps you’ll want a slightly smaller board than if you’re looking for a new pow stick.

The 151 and 154 cm are ideal size for smaller, lighter riders (110-150 lbs / 49-86 kg). The most popular size for average size guys is the 157 cm. With the blunted tips, the 157 cm floats like a traditional 159 cm but is still a great park size. If you are little bigger or heavier than average, or your looking for a pow board, check out the 160 cm or the 162 cm.

For those with decent sized but not huge feet (US 10-11.5) check out the mid-wide 158W for park and the 161W for pow. If you have really big feet (US 12+) then the 164W will be your best bet to avoid heel drag.

Jones team rider Taylor Carlton is 5’8" (1.73m) tall, weighs 145 lbs (66kg) and wears a US 9 boot. He rides the Mountain Twin 157cm almost daily, both at the resort and hitting backcountry jumps.

Aviator / Aviator Split

Aviator: 152, 156, 158, 158W, 160, 160W, 162, 164 cm
Aviator Split: 156, 160, 164 cm

The Aviator is a razor sharp directional twin that features the most camber of any board in the Jones quiver. Though it excels on firm snow, the Jones team rides this board in all conditions as the 3D-Power camber keeps your edges catch free in pow or crust.

Most riders of average size choose the Aviator 156 or 158 cm. This is a great all-around size for park, pipe and carving. If you weigh over 180 lbs (80 kg) bump up to the 160 or 162 cm. Riders with boots size 10+ check out the 158W and 160W. If you wear size USA 12+ boots your best option is the 164 cm.

To keep the board nimble in tight terrain, most of our team riders ride smaller Aviators than their pow boards. Jeremy Jones rides the Aviator 152 cm on spring days at the resort.

Explorer / Explorer Split / Discovery / Discovery Split

Explorer Solid + Split: 152, 156, 158W, 159, 161W, 162, 164W cm

Discovery Solid: 138, 145, 150 cm
Discovery Split: 138, 145 cm

The Explorer is a directional freeride board designed for maximum performance in all conditions. The rocker nose and tail deliver serious float in the deep stuff and camber between the bindings keeps the Explorer railing on hard pack. A friendly flex makes it the most jibby, playful splitboards we make.

Riders of average size should check out the Explorer 159 or 162 cm. The Explorer 159 cm is a very versatile size. Lighter, smaller riders, or those looking for a shorter board for jumping, don’t miss the 152 or 156 cm. Those with big feet stick to the wide sizes.

Same sizing story with the Explorer split. The 159 cm is a great all-around size for those under 6 feet (1.8m) / 175 lbs (78 kg). Bigger guys or those with big feet jump up to the 162 or 164W.

The Discovery solid comes in three distinct sizes - 138, 145 and 150 cm. The 138 cm is for young teenage riders who are just too small for adult sized boards. The 145 and 150 cm are for smaller young adults or women for looking for a high performance freeride board in an extra small size.

Storm Chaser

Sizes: 142, 147, 157 cm
Split Size: 147 cm

The Storm Chaser is a next-level powder tool that also happens to rail like a race car on piste. The extra wide waist width and tight side cut radius combine to make a very floaty, turny board.

The Storm Chaser was designed to pack the volume of a much longer board in a very compact package. Though a 147 cm may sound small, it is the ideal size for a vast majority of riders. The Storm Chaser 142 cm is for lighter, smaller riders and the 157 cm is a seriously big board made for heavy riders who normally ride a 167-172 cm powder board.

Women’s Flagship

Sizes: 148, 152, 154, 156 cm

The Women’s Flagship is one of the most aggressive women’s freeride boards on the market. It is a powerful, confidence inspiring shred stick for women who like to charge hard.

The Flagship 152 and 154 cm are the best sizes for most women. The 152cm will be a bit better making tight turns in technical terrain and the 154cm will have a little more float in pow. That said, don’t be afraid to get the 152 cm and just set it back on deep days. Lighter, smaller women look to the 148 cm and taller, heavier women should check out the 156 cm. The 144cm is great for youth and notably shorter than average women. Note that the blunted tips on the Flagship give it more volume than your average pow board. The 152 cm rides like a traditional 154 cm and the 156 cm rides like a 158 cm.

Women’s Hovercraft

Sizes: 146, 150 cm

The Hovercraft is a pow board with the heart of a race board. The blunted rocker nose is super floaty but the tail is short and stiff for awesome response on variable or firm snow. The compact tail also allows you to ride the Hovercraft much shorter than your average board.

If you normally ride a 150-152 cm board, go for a 146 cm Hovercraft. The 150 cm is great for taller, heavier women who normally ride 154-156 cm boards.

Women’s Solution

Sizes: 148, 152, 156 cm

The Women’s Solution is a premiere women’s splitboard and the identical shape and size to the Women’s Flagship.

For the inevitably variable backcountry snow conditions, most women will prefer the 152 cm. The 152 cm provides an ideal balance of float and maneuverability for the average sized women. Note that the blunted tips on the Solution pack more float than your average board. The 152 cm rides like a traditional 154 and the 156 cm rides like your old 158 cm. Younger, smaller women check out the 148 cm and taller, heavier women look to the 156 cm.

Twin Sister

Sizes: 139, 143, 146, 149, 152, 155 cm

Women who like to pop, play, carve and cruise need the Twin Sister. It is a directional twin with rocker tips and camber between the feet for maximum float and response.

The Twin Sister 149 cm and 152 cm are the most popular sizes. The 149 cm will be the most forgiving and maneuverable for average sized women. Younger and smaller women who excel on small boards look to the 139, 143 and 146cm. The 152 cm is a great size for slightly taller, heavier or more experienced pow hunters and the 155 cm is for women of above average height and weight.


Sizes: 146, 149, 152 cm

The Airheart is our new elite all-mountain freestyle board built for women who like to carve hard and take to the air with confidence. The nimble handling and supersonic acceleration of the Airheart result from the Spoon 2.0 Nose and Tail plus the Power Camber profile.

The Air Heart 149 cm will be the most responsive and maneuverable for average sized women. Younger and smaller women who excel on small boards look to the 146cm. The 152 cm is a great size for slightly taller, heavier women or those looking for a crossover board that also excels in pow.


Sizes: 110, 120, 130, 140 cm

The Prodigy is our new all-mountain directional twin built for hard charging kids. The four Prodigy sizes span a massive range making them ideal for youth of all ages.

Standing the board on it’s end, the ideal size board will reach up to your child’s lips. If the board is at eyes/forehead level it’s on the big side, if it is at mid-throat or lower it’s on the small side. Typically, K-2nd grade kids ride the 110 cm, 2nd and 3rd graders ride the 120 cm, 3rd and 4th graders ride the 130 cm and 5th and 6th graders ride the 140 cm.

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