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Jeremy Jones

International Team

Home Town

Truckee, California

Home Mountain

Squaw Valley


Connected Blog


2015 Season Highlight
My Sea 2 Spines Trip in Haines. I had not been there since bailing on heli’s and it was really cool to go back with a fresh perspective and stronger legs. Hiking from the ocean to the alpine was a new experience for me. I was on a Solution Split. I love the new construction. It is my everything board. It works in all conditions. This trip sums up why I make the boards the way I do. We had un edgable white ice, funky crust and thigh deep perfect pow.
Favorite Jones Boards
Chile: Storm Chaser 47 //Alaska: Solution 61 // Resort Powder Days: Hovercraft 56 // Hardpack/spring resort days: Aviator 52
Why do you snowboard?
Snowboarding gives me wings and it is my art. On the really special runs I feel like I am flying and is my portal to another world.
How much do you splitboard?
I put in about 80 days a year on my splitboard. It has really reinvigorated my passion for snowboarding. In my home range for example I am constantly riding new lines, the possibilities are endless. After 25 years of battling crowds at resorts I find myself driving past the resort and opting for the solitude of the backcountry. The cool thing though, is that when I do ride resorts I am more amped than ever because I appreciate the ease of taking a lift to the top.
What do you look for in a line when your analyzing rideability vs danger?
Rideability is key. I wish there was no danger. But in order to ride dream lines sometimes you have to deal with extreme parts of a line to get to the rip-able sections.
What is one splitboard technique every beginner needs to know?
Lean back going up steep sections and if you can not hold an edge side-hilling then it means it is hard snow and will be easy hiking.
What is your standard axe/crampon technique when climbing steep bootpacks?
1 axe, 1 pole using French technique - one foot front pointing and the other sideways. Switch back and forth to give your front point leg a break.
How would you describe the fun and challenge of Pow surfing?
It is like being a little kid all over again, feeling the simple joy of sliding on snow. It has turned my neighbor hood into Alaska. I don’t travel without one now and look at mellow hills with a whole new perspective.

My Setup





Carbon Solution


Higher 30L R.A.S.


Storm Chaser