Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity Research capture the cutting edge of backcountry snowboarding in the three-part film series - DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER. Jeremy premiered his first signature shred flick, DEEPER, in 2010. This first epic volume of the film trilogy, shook the paradigm of ski film production as Jones filmed every minute of DEEPER on foot instead of using helicopters and snowmobiles.

In September 2012, Jones released the second chapter of his backcountry snowboarding movie series, FURTHER, featuring expeditions to the Arctic Circle and Japan. Jeremy takes his snowboarding to the next level for HIGHER with career defining first descents in Alaska and Nepal. HIGHER will premiere around the world in Fall 2014.


Follow Jeremy Jones and other top freeriders as they travel to the world’s snowboarding meccas and venture past the boundaries of helicopters, snowmobiles, and lifts to explore untouched realms. Hang on tight as Jeremy faces the biggest challenges he has ever encountered in snowboarding. All night hikes, sleeping on peaks, camping 65 miles from civilization, 20 below temperatures, 10 day storms, and 20 mile days bring the adventure back into riding. Deeper puts the viewer in the athletes’ boots, from the trials and tribulations to mind-boggling breakthroughs in the sport of snowboarding.

Starring: Forrest Shearer, Lucas Debari, Jeremy Jones, Johan Olofsson, Jonaven Moore, Josh Dirksen, Ryland Bell, Tom Burt, Travis Rice, Xavier De Le Rue

Film partners: Jones, Bar Clif, Recco, Swatch, Transworld Snowboarding

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Taking his lifetime expedition to the next level, Jeremy Jones leads his crew of world class riders, cameramen and guides to the far corners of the earth in the second installment of the Deeper trilogy: Further.
Drawing upon a lifetime of experience Jones seeks out first descents and exotic experiences in an effort to evolve not only his snowboarding, but himself. The relationships forged from isolation and travel are almost as intriguing as the maniacal descents themselves. Join Jeremy and his crew in the Arctic Circle, Japan, the High Sierra and the remote Pickett Range among others as they push their minds and bodies Further.
Athletes: Jeremy Jones, Terje Haakonsen, Xavier De Le Rue, DCP, Nicolas Müller, Lucas Debari, Josh Dirksen, Forrest Shearer, Ryland Bell
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