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Finding the perfect board can be as easy as knowing your body size and riding style, plus understanding how basic board dimensions affect board performance. Some boards are made to be ridden every day, regardless of conditions, other models are designed for specific conditions and terrain. Understand these concepts to narrow the search down for your perfect board model and size.

"Daily driver" vs "quiver board"

If you’re going to ride a board nearly everyday, you want a “Daily Driver” that can handle variable conditions. For most riders, Directional Freeride and Twin boards that have full size tails and camber underfoot will be best for day in, day out riding including those icy days. If all you ride is pow, spring slush, or soft snow, then an Alternative Freeride board with a short tail and surf rocker may also work as your “Daily Driver”.

“Quiver Boards” are shred sticks that you ride only when the conditions line up just right with that boards unique performance characteristics. Could be a board for that nipple deep day, a board for spring resort rat packin’, or a dedicated park/pipe board. Our Alternative Freeride and Surf Series boards are all worthy additions to your quiver. They are not designed to excel in all conditions, but in good conditions they offer next- level performance.

Choosing your "daily driver" – by Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones explains how to find a "Daily Driver" board that will offer you the best performance for day in, day out shredding.

How to build a quiver – by Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones explains how to start building a board "quiver" that allows you to choose the best board for the day based on snow conditions and riding style.

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Board types


Directional shapes that maximize float, speed and response for supreme freeride performance and all-mountain versatility.

All-Mountain Freestyle

Directional Twin and True Twin shapes built for maximum versatility from the summit to the terrain park.


High powered true camber all-mountain carving boards designed to help you carve the best turns of your life.


Surf inspired freeride and freestyle boards designed for slashing pow and finding fun in any terrain.

Find your perfect board: Jeremy Jones compares models

Jones Snowboards’ founder Jeremy Jones helps you find your perfect snowboard in this multi-part video series that explains the differences between Jones models and how key components of a board’s design affect board performance.

In episodes 7-14, Jeremy breaks down the intended performance differences between several closely aligned Jones models. Watch these videos to get a better perspective on which model best suits your size and riding style.

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