Bindings are the critical link between your body and your board. The perfect binding hugs your boot with no pressure points and transfers every movement to your edges with maximum efficiency. 

Jones bindings are designed to deliver such unmatched comfort and response. The Apollo is a premium freeride binding built for riders who need maximum response in technical terrain and the Mercury is a freestyle/freeride binding designed for all-terrain riders who slash up the whole mountain. At the heart of both models is the NOW Skate Tech pivot system. NOW SkateTech rethinks how your binding moves with your board. Traditional bindings lose energy when the baseplate flexes and bends unevenly against the rigid baseplate. The energy loss forces you to crank your straps tighter and ride with more forward lean to gain the same control. Uneven pressure and tight straps lead to more foot fatigue.

NOW SkateTech transfers energy directly from your binding straps to your board edges by actively pivoting the binding over the baseplate. Your feet stay more relaxed and more comfortable because the bindings transfer power to the board with less work.

Jones Apollo Snowboard Bindings featuring SkateTech, shown in black, quarter back view Jones Apollo Snowboard Bindings featuring SkateTech, shown in black, quarter front view


The ultimate freeride binding

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Jones Mercury Snowboard Bindings featuring SkateTech, shown in black color, quarter back view Jones Mercury Snowboard Bindings featuring SkateTech, shown in black color, quarter front view


The all-mountain, free surf binding

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Boot fit

Use this chart to find the right binding for your boot size.



Opening and closing the foot pillow

Opening the foot pillow: grab the soft EVA pad at the heel and pull upward. Carefully read the instructions provided on the disc cover before mounting the bindings on your board.

Closing the foot pillow: push down on the EVA pad while pulling up on the heel cup. You’ll hear a CLICK on both sides when the foot pillow is properly closed.

Forward lean adjustment

Type 1 - Mercury: to change your forward lean, pull down the lever and move the forward lean block either up or down. When you reach the desired position, flip the lever back to the locked position.

Type 2 - Apollo: The Apollo binding’s forward lean block allows four settings: -4 mm, 0 mm, +4 mm and +8 mm. The factory setting is 0 mm / +4mm. Switch between these two settings by spinning the block. To change to -4 mm / +8 mm settings, unscrew the block from highback, flip the small plastic piece and screw back onto highback.

Disc orientation options

If your boot size is in the middle of the recommended size range for your binding size, position 4x4 disc with slots parallel to edges for maximum stance width adjustment. Otherwise, position disc with slots perpendicular to the edges such that you can position the toe and heel of your boot evenly over the center of the board.

Toe & heel boot size adjustment chart

Snowboard boot length varies by model and size. For highest performance, center your boot evenly between the board edges by adjusting the baseplate.

Toe strap placement

The toe cap strap is designed to be positioned and centered at the tip of your boots. Adjust strap length such that the strap is centered over your boot when strap is tight.

Straps adjustments

Adjust strap length by un-screwing tool-free lever and moving straps to desired length. Set length by tightening and closing tool-free lever.


Jones bindings are compatible with boards featuring the 4x4 hole pattern and the EST channel.

Important: The slotted holes on the 4x4 pattern disc are offset for strength and durability. You may have to flip the disc around in order to set your desired stance. Use the raised cross to reference the center of the disc.


Jones offers the original binding purchaser a lifetime warranty on the baseplate components (Hanger, Post and Nylon disc), along with a one year limited warranty on all other binding parts. This warranty is non-transferable and Jones reserves the right to repair or replace defective binding parts. For more information, visit our warranty center.

Please ensure all your screws are tight before heading out.

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