Splitboard 101

Whitelines' how-to splitboard video series

The Whitelines ’How To Splitboard’ videos series is a master class in splitboard tips and tricks taught by the legendary UIAGM Backcountry Snowboard Guide Neil McNab. Each episode covers an important aspect of learning to splitboard including avalanche safety, skinning technique and how to set up your splitboard. Neil shares a wealth of knowledge in these videos. Watch all seven to seriously step up your splitboard IQ and learn lessons to practice next time you hit the skin track.


Neil explains how to efficiently transition your splitboard from walk mode to ride mode.

Ascending in avalanche terrain

Neil explains how to use safe travel practices to mitigate the risks of an avalanche while you are ascending a slope.


Neil explains the basic movements of skinning including how to glide, climb and kick turn.

Descending through avalanche terrain

Neil explains how to use safe travel practices to mitigate the risks of an avalanche while you are descending a slope.

Planning a route

Neil explains how he plans a splitboard tour in three stages - long term, short term, and the immediate term.

How to pack a backpack

Neil explains what to bring on a splitboard tour and how best to pack it in your backpack.

How to set up a splitboard

Neil explains how he sets up his splitboard and how you can dial in your perfect split fit.

Adjust tip, tail and split clips

If your splitboard is new you should not need to adjust your tip, tail or split clips. All clips should slide smoothly and the board should feel securely locked together when clips are closed.

If your splitboard is used and the split clips (clips between bindings and tip/tail) are not pulling the board halves tightly together, you can adjust the clip tension. To adjust loosen one half of the clip and spread halves further apart.

Tip and tail clips should require no maintenance unless clip is damaged or broken.

Splitboard interface set-up

Setting up your splitboard for the very first time doesn’t have to be tricky. The key is to have the right tools and follow the installation instructions for which ever splitboard interface kit that you have - Karakoram, Spark R+D or Voile.

Tools needed: Tape Measure, 4mm Metric Allen Wrench, Large Philips Screwdriver.

Follow instructional videos for stance and interface set-up.

Karakoram Prime Interface 2.0

Here’s how to setup and dial in a splitboard with Karakoram’s Ride Mode 2.0.

Karakoram Prime Interface

Karakoram Split30 Interface

Spark R&D Interface

Voile Interface

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