Supply chain map

We have nothing to hide about our production. We proudly share information about our factory partners and material suppliers so you can know exactly where and how the Jones products you buy are made. Our supply chain map lists the locations of our manufacturing partners and basic details about their workforce. All of our partners have also signed our Code Of Conduct that guarantees the people who make our gear are treated fairly and have safe working conditions.

Meet the suppliers

Factory partners

Social & sustainability obligations

The support of our factory partners is critical to maintain and advance our social and sustainability standards. We obligate all our major factory partners and suppliers to adhere to our Code Of Conduct and submit to a Social & Environmental Responsibility Audit. We also mandate all factory partners abide by our Chemical Policy and Restricted Substance List (RSL) to assure the safety standards of the materials used in our production.

Code Of Conduct

Working with the Swiss company EA Shaping Environmental Action, we designed and implemented a strong Code Of Conduct document that all our major suppliers are obligated to adhere to. The Code Of Conduct has five core social responsibility subjects.

Fair operating practices

- Anti-corruption
- Fair competition
- Respect for property rights

Human rights

- Due diligence
- Risk human rights situations
- Discrimination and group vulnerability
- Civil and political rights
- Economic, social and cultural rights
- Child labor
- Forced labor
- Fundamental principles and rights at work

Labor practices

- Employment and employer relationship
- Conditions of work and social protection
- Social dialogue
- Health and safety at work
- Human development and training at work
- Minimum Wage
- Freedom of association
- Maximum work hours

The environment

- Pollution prevention
- Resource management (energy, water, material reduction)
- Waste treatment (reduce, reuse, recycle)
- Animal welfare

Consumer issues

- Product quality control
- Consumer health and safety protection
- Consumer education and awareness
- Data protection and privacy

Chemical Policy + Restricted Substance List

We work closely with the Outdoor Industry Association and other leading testing laboratories to understand, reduce and eliminate chemicals of concern used in the manufacturing of our products. Our Chemical Policy outlines the regulatory or legislative requirements that all our materials must meet or exceed and our RSL lists the substances that we’ve voluntarily restricted or limited in our products.

Our snowboard factory partner has also developed an efficient MSDS (hazardous chemical) management system. All employees that handle chemicals are well trained and all MSDS documentation is linked to their overall Environmental Management System that helps them adhere to all international regulations such as BSSL, PROP 65 and REACH.