Team favorite board set-ups

Check out the boards, bindings and stances that the Jones team rides.

Victor de Le Rue

Home country: France
Home town: Capbreton
Home mountain: Val Thorens
Weight: 167 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 56cm, +15° / +3°


Cutting edge backcountry freestyler + 2019 Freeride World Tour Champion

Victor's favorite gear

Aviator, 162

I love the Aviator's camber and flex. It feels really solid on edge or in the air. The Traction Tech edges are also really awesome for traversing over exposure.  - Victor de Le Rue

Ultra Solution, 161

"The Ultra Solution is epic! I love how it turns and it feel really solid torsionally."  - Victor de Le Rue


"Best bindings i've ever ridden! They are really comfortable and the shape of the highback is super awesome. I have great board feel and control riding the Apollo." - Victor de Le Rue

Victor's gear of choice

Elena Hight

Home country: USA
Home town: Lake Tahoe, CA
Home mountain: Squaw Valley
Weight: 124 lbs
Shoe size: 6
Stance: 19in, +18° / 0°


Pioneering freestyler turned freerider + 2x US Olympic Halfpipe Team Rider

Elena's favorite gear

Women's Flagship, 152

"This board is the exact snowboard I have always wanted. It has the perfect amount of flex for generating speed out of turns and stomping landings. It is fast and responsive but not overpowering. I love this board in most conditions. MY GO TO" - Elena Hight

Women's Solution, 152

"This splitboard rides like a solid. You never want to give up anything when choosing to split, and with this board you don't have too. It feels like a solid board under your feet. Responsive and floaty!!" - Elena Hight

Elena's gear of choice

Sammy Luebke

Home country: USA
Home town: Truckee, CA
Home mountain: Squaw Valley 
Weight: 160 lbs
Shoe size: 11
Stance: 22.5in, +15° / - 6°


Next-level all-mountain shredder + Three-Time Freeride World Tour champion - 2016, 2017, 2018

Sammy's favorite gear

Ultra Mountain Twin, 160

The Ultra Mountain Twin is an all terrain vehicle for boarders who like go fast and take chances. It's stiff , responsive and playful at the same time. Steep and deep, mellow playful terrain, hard pack, groomers, park, pipe whatever. The Ultra Twin rips it all! - Sammy Luebke

Solution, 161

Floats like duck in pow but charges like a moose. Also handles the chunder like a beast. Great for long tours in any condition. If you use your split a lot, and want it to last, this is the board for you! - Sammy Luebke

Sammy's gear of choice

Forrest Shearer

Home country: USA
Home town: Ventura, CA
Home mountain: Mammoth Mountain
Weight: 150 lbs
Shoe size: 10
Stance: 21in, +26° / 0°


Passionate freerider, splitboarder and climate activist + 15-year veteran pro rider

Forrest's favorite gear

Stratos, 159

The Stratos is just an all-around rad alternative board. It's super nimble and responsive with a playful medium flex and works well riding switch thanks to the raised tail. Also love the Float Pack inserts for really deep days and surfy riding. Plus the base is insanely fast! - Forrest Shearer

Mind Expander Split, 158

This split is such a treat to ride. From steeps to low angle it handles it all. Such a playful ride and love the shape in all conditions. - Forrest Shearer

Forrest's gear of choice

Nick Russell

Home country: USA
Home town: Truckee, CA
Home mountain: Sierra Nevada Backcountry
Weight: 145 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 20in, +21° / +6°


Inspired splitboarder, explorer and climate activist + First descents in Bolivia, India and USA

Nick's favorite gear

Lone Wolf, 168

"If I'm on this board then it means that its either an epic powder day or I've gotten to the resort early enough for primo groomers. The long sidecut draws each turn out long enough to take a nap between edging!" - Nick Russell

Hovercraft Split, 156

"If you've strapped into a Hovercraft, you know already know the feeling. This is the first Jones board I ever rode and haven't looked back since. If there is ever any doubt in what the snow conditions are, I'm riding a Hovercraft because I know it can adapt to anything. I <3 Hovercrafting!!!" - Nick Russell


"A freestyle feel with freeride stability. I don't ride the resort much, but when I do, my feet thank me for the comfortable ride." - Nick Russell

Nick's gear of choice

Antti Autti

Home country: Finland
Home town: Rovaniemi
Home mountain: Pyha Ski Resort
Weight: 150 lbs
Shoe size: 7
Stance: 56.5cm, +19° / 0°


Pioneering freestyler turned filmmaking freerider + 2005 X-Games halfpipe gold medalist

Antti's favorite gear

Ultracraft, 156

"I love the float and the feeling of turns. It's definitely my go to board for powder and it also has the pop which I need when I'm hitting natural jumps and transitions. It also works super nice in halfpipe!" - Antti Autti

Ultra Solution, 161

"I'd go anywhere with Ultra Solution. Simply the best splitboard I've ever used. Great for uphill and when riding, holds speed so well.  I also love the fact that I can trust the board in any conditions." - Antti Autti


"The Apollo is awesome for high speed freeriding and carving. It's really comfortable and gives you amazing control at speed." - Antti Autti

Antti's gear of choice

Mat Schaer

Home country: Switzerland
Home town: Geneva
Home mountain: Champéry
Weight: 149 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 56cm, +18° / -6°


Standard setting splitboard freestyler and climate activist + 3x Absinthe Film's feature segments

Mat's favorite gear

Ultra Mountain Twin, 160

"The Ultra Mountain Twin is the ideal all-around board. Whether riding lines, natural hits, backcountry kickers or even park, it is always on top of its game. I like that I don't need to know what kind of terrain I will ride during my next trip, I just take the Ultra Mountain Twin, and know it will be perfect." - Mat Schaer

Mountain Twin Split, 160

"When I ride the Mountain Twin split, I actually forget that I'm on a splitboard. The board is super fun to ride and very robust. I can literally do anything with it that I would do on a solid board, including big jumps." - Mat Schaer


"Comfortable, with good support and amazing response. All you need from a binding!" - Mat Schaer

Mat's gear of choice

Harry Kearney

Home country: USA
Home town: Telluride, CO
Home mountain: Telluride
Weight: 160 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 22in, +18° / +3°


Ultra smooth freerider and turn master + 2x Baker Banked Slalom and 3x Dirksen Derby champion

Harry's favorite gear

Ultracraft, 156

"It's tough to pick a singular favorite board, but the Ultrcraft is the board I look forward most to strapping back into. Its the board that I can lay into my hardest turns with and it's fast as hell. This is the board I dont have to think with, I just move and its there with me." - Harry Kearney

Solution, 161

"This is tried and true my go to splitboard for anything. Couloirs, high speed exits, cruising skintracks or setting my own. Love it." - Harry Kearney


"The NOW Skate Tech is sick, and the whole feel is customizable with the harder/softer bushings and flippable straps, and the highback profile is awesome.- Harry Kearney

Harry's gear of choice