Ryland Bell

Home country: USA
Home town: Haines, AK
Home mountain: Chilkat Mountains
Weight: 200 lbs
Shoe size: 10
Stance: 24in, +21° / -18°


Passionate resort freerider and AK spine line hunter + Absinthe Films' and Warren Miller feature segments

About Ryland

Where is your favorite place to snowboard and why?

Alaska. It’s where I’m from and I feel a deep connection to the mountains here. Spines. It’s the spiniest place on earth and I love spines!!

What has snowboarding or the mountains taught you?

To be patient. Every line has its day. The truly amazing scary craziest lines of your life shuld only be ridden in perfect conditions and it’s worth it to wait for it.

Tell us about one incredible or influential snowboarding achievement or moment.

Riding the Mendenhall Towers. I studied it for years and talked in depth with Dave Hatchett who made the first decent. When the time came to ride iit, life came into perfect focus. 3700 feet of stable knee deep blower. Definitely one the most memorable lines of my life. 

What are you passionate about besides snowboarding?


Ryland's favorite gear

Ultra Flagship – 164

"Why do I ride the Ultra Flagship? Speed. Power. Control. It is my all day, everyday board. The faster you ride it, the better it responds. It has no speed limit."

Ultralight Solution - 164

"The Ultralight Solution is a powerhouse. It stays stiff and lasts forever even after hammering it in ski mode on the uptrack. I have ridden the heaviest lines of my life on this board."

Ryland's gear of choice