Antti Autti

Home country: Finland
Home town: Rovaniemi
Home mountain: Pyha Ski Resort
Weight: 150 lbs
Shoe size: 7
Stance: 56.5cm, +19° / 0°


Pioneering freestyler turned filmmaking freerider + 2005 X-Games halfpipe gold medalist

About Antti

Where is your favorite place to snowboard and why?

I love many spots around the world, but I would have to say my favorite riding spot is Northern Norway. It's the best because you can experience the full spectrum of different conditions from deep pow to late spring snow. And the fact that the light changes from polar night to midnight sun also creates an amazing vibe in the mountains that evolves throughout the season.

What has snowboarding or the mountains taught you?

Snowboarding has taught me how to live life to the fullest. In the mountains it is very easy to achieve. When I'm not snowboarding, I try to find ways to channel this same feeling in my normal days at home. Snowboarding is definitely my moving meditation that let's me live my life to it's highest potential.

Tell us about one incredible or influential snowboarding achievement or moment.

Some of my most recent memorable experiences have been shooting for my new film project ROAM. Last season I got to experience riding in the full moonlight which was a truly amazing experience. Since then I've taken a lot of powder laps in the dark with my headlamp. I even took some deep japow turns in Hokkaido last season at night with my stormchaser. One of the most memorable runs I've done in Japan!

What are you passionate about besides snowboarding?

I enjoy sports where I can keep moving and challenge my balance and aerobic fitness. Especially if I'm able to move into a flow state in my mind where I can dream of new ideas for my riding and projects. I also enjoy reading and listening to podcasts.

Antti's favorite gear

Ultracraft – 156

"I love the float and the feeling of turns. It's definitely my go to board for powder and it also has the pop which I need when I'm hitting natural jumps and transitions. It also works super nice in halfpipe!"

Ultra Solution – 161

"I'd go anywhere with Ultra Solution. Simply the best splitboard I've ever used. Great for uphill and when riding, holds speed so well. I also love the fact that I can trust the board in any conditions."


"The Apollo is awesome for high speed freeriding and carving. It's really comfortable and gives you amazing control at speed."

Antti's gear of choice