Iñaki Odriozola

Home country: Argentina
Home town: Bariloche
Home mountain: Cerro Catedral
Weight: 165 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Stance: 56cm, +18° / -3°


About Iñaki

Where is your favorite place to snowboard and why?

"I love to ride in my backyard, the Andes in Bariloche. The shapes of the mountains are so beautiful. We have steeps, rocks and a ton of unique terrain like volcanoes.

But there are a lot of incredible mountains around the world, so I think my favourite place to ride is wherever i'm having fun and sharing these wild places with friends."

What has snowboarding or the mountains taught you?

The mountains have been like a psychologist for me. I've learned to listen to them and they have taught me so much like how important it is to not get over confident and how the relationships you make in the mountains are really strong because you depend on your partners if something happens. The mountains are the place were I can talk with myself and truly enjoy the present. 

Tell us about one incredible or influential snowboarding achievement or moment.

I've had some really amazing experiences in the Andes, but one of my recent highlights was an Alaska expedition last season. We went out to the Hayes Glacier for an 8-day camping mission. It felt so amazing to be so alone in such a majestic place full of giant mountains. And the riding was unreal - steep lines, fresh pow and really good avy conditions. 

What are you passionate about besides snowboarding?

I like to cook, paint, play futbol, climb and hike. I'm also in my last year of  university studying Physical Therapy and learning how to take care of my body and understand how my body is feeling.

Iñaki's favorite gear

Flagship – 161

"The Flagship is a super hard charging board that works really well for steep lines and natural jumps. It's also great for carving and works really good for icy and variable conditions."

Solution – 161

"I really like the Solution beacuse it rides so well in variable conditions. It's really fast in pow and super stable on ice. It's also great in the air and feels really solid landing jumps at top speed."


"I like the feeling of how the Mercury transmits your energy to the board. It's a great binding for freeriding and jumping."

Iñaki's gear of choice